Quote1.png Basil is a gifted performer. A chameleon of sorts. Would you like to see? Quote2.png
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Basil Karlo was an impersonator employed by Professor Strange.

Basil Karlo was one of the many deceased humans that Professor Strange resurrected at Indian Hill, a division of Wayne Enterprises controlled by a secret council that was founded for the primary purpose of finding a cure for death. Like the majority of those resurrected, Basil had little recollection of his memories and identity prior to death. Upon resurrection, Basil was spliced with octopod DNA, making his face elastic and claylike. Strange informed Basil of his name and his talents as an actor. After kidnapping James Gordon, Strange molded Basil's face so that Basil perfectly resembled Gordon.[1]

When the Gotham City Police Department began looking for Gordon, Basil went to their headcounters under the guise of Gordon. However, the GCPD soon deduced that Basil was an imposter. The GCPD discovered Gordon at Indian Hill and arrested Strange for numerous charges, including kidnapping and illegal experimentation.[2][3]

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  • Malleable Clay-like Face: Due to being spliced with octopod DNA by Professor Strange, Basil's claylike face can be stretched to abnormal proportions, allowing him to mimic the physical appearance of other human beings.





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