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Basil Karlo was a petty crook who became the second Clayface.

Karlo in his human form.

Basil Karlo was born in Denver, Colorado and, sometime during his life, moved to Gotham City.

In Gotham, Karlo wanted to be a big time star and constantly auditioned for any role that was open. One of the roles Karlo really wanted was to be the spokesperson for a local dog food company. Karlo auditioned many times, but, each time, the directors found a different thing wrong with the actor.

When sulking in a local diner, Karlo noticed a news report about the villain Clayface. Thanks to Wayne Industries, Clayface was going to be cured very soon.

Karlo, seeing a great opportunity for fame, snuck into Wayne Industries and stole a vial of Clayface's goo. During the chase, the thief drank the serum and gained the power of Clayface himself.

Basil Karlo used his powers for evil and fame by specifically walking in front of security cameras when he robbed banks.

After a long crime spree, the newly reformed Ethan Bennett used his powers to combat that of Karlo's. Batman stabbed both of the Clayfaces with the antidote, curing both of them.

In Arkham Asylum, Karlo began a friendship with the Joker and the two played chess together. During one of their chess games, Karlo noticed his powers weren't entirely cured and he still had elastic capabilities.

He is later hired by Lex Luthor alongside Bane, Black Mask and Mr Freeze to kidnap Lois Lane as bait and defeat Superman when he fell into the trap and got weakened by kryptonite, but was defeated once Superman recuperated his powers. He later fights Batman as he is about to save Posion Ivy from luthors clutches, but loses again.



  • Mediocre Actor: Karlo has shown some ability of acting but he is worse than he thinks he is.



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