Quote1.png Hey, Toots -- Like th' outfit! Wanna come help me spend my reward...? Quote2.png
Bastich src

The Bastich was an opportunist who was seeking buried riches.

He wasn't the only one a "nun" was also after the treasure cache, secreted in a coffin in an unmarked grave. She forced a man at gunpoint to unearth the grave for her, but yet another man snuck up behind her, Billy the Rat. Billy shot the other man in the back and demanded the woman finish digging and remove her clothes, so he could wear them as a disguise for when the third interested party, the Bastich, arrived.

When Billy finally opened the coffin however, the Bastich was already inside and blew him away. With all the competition gone, and the treasure to himself, he invited the half naked woman to join him.



  • Revolvers



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