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The Bat-copter is a personalized helicopter used by Batman.



The first concept ever for a Bat-Copter was created by the notorious criminal known as the Penguin after he decided to create flying devices to help him in his crimes and taunt Batman. This version was extremely odd, since it was designed in the shape of an actual bat with rotor blades on top.[1]


The Bat-Copter was one of Batman's latest additions to his already extensive collection of vehicles. He used the Batcopter for faster transportation across the city and for surveillance purposes in order to follow criminals without attracting too much attention.[2] The Bat-Copter was eventually jammed and destroyed by the criminal called Roland Desmond, while the Dynamic Duo were on the trail of his brother, Blockbuster.[3]

Later versions of the chopper had a "blackout" function, which allowed the helicopter to become undetectable by enemies.[4]

The Batcopter was often used as an auxiliary vehicle for emergencies and Alfred would often use it to assist Batman and Robin on their missions.[5][6][7]

On one occasion, Batman used the Bat-Copter on a mission to rescue a man who was bound to be released from prison, but the rest of the inmates threatened to attack the man if he was allowed to go. Batman infiltrated the prison and made his escape with the victim using the Bat-Copter.[8]

New Earth

Batman would rarely use the Bat-copter. The vehicle would only be used on reconnaissance missions and in emergency situation to get out of danger quickly. The Bat-copter was able to follow a remote command and be summoned to Batman's location from great distances.[9] Robin had a summoning control as well.[10]

One model of the Bat-copter was destroyed during a confrontation with Abattoir.[11]

Onboard Equipment

The Bat-Copter was equipped with some of the most basic gadgets and weapons that Batman used to fight crime. Some of these included:

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