Quote1.png I'm Bat-Mite! I'm the Batman's biggest fan! I love watching Batman's adventures from the dimension where I live! Sometimes, I come here and use my magical power to help him, too! Quote2.png
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Bat-Mite was the alias of an imp from the Fifth Dimension.

He took the name in honor of his hero, Batman. He occasionally travelled to Earth to help Batman fight crime, but usually just made things more difficult for the Dark Knight.


He appeared when Batman was battling the Royal Flush Gang alongside the Super Friends. He first transferred all the powers of the Super Friends to Batman, but this sought the wraith of Mister Mxyzptlk. The mad imp terrorized the city and Batman had to convince Bat-Mite to give his friends their powers back. He did, but in doing so, he warped reality to make them members of the Batman Family. While they were able to drive back Mister Mxyzptlk, the hero's other imps and a Guardian of the Universe teamed-up to reset reality. Learning a lesson about teams, Bat-Mite gathered the other imps in the Fifth Dimension and planned a partnership.[1]

Con Games

That later came in the form of them crashing Super-Con, a comic book convention. Hearing the Super Friends were hosting a panel, he took Mister Mxyzptlk to watch them. Mxyzptlk grew bored and convinced Bat-Mite the audience would prefer to see them in action. He manifested an illusion of Titano. After Mxyzptlk tricked the other imps into causing mayhem, the Super Friends realized what the imps were doing and scolded them.[2]


  • Bat-Mite's favorite comic artist is Scribbly Jibbet, but he thinks he draws feet too small.[2]



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