Quote1 You think I'm Batman's sidekick? He's my sidekick! I made him! Quote2
-- Bat-Mite src

Bat-Mite is an imp from the 5th dimension who idolizes Batman.

Exiled from the 5th dimension by a council of Mites for having messed with other worlds too often, Bat-Mite was stuck on Prime Earth.[1]

Prime Earth

Homeless, he got taken in by Reagan Bennington and Weed, two people he saved from Doctor Trauma, a scientist transplanting brains of older people into the body of younger people.[2]

During his time on Earth, Bat-Mite tried to help out various super-heroes like Hawkman, Booster Gold and Robin, but most of the time, the results were catastrophic.[3]

Because Bat-Mite continued messing with Prime Earth too much, the council of Mites, who was monitoring his actions, eventually decided to bring him back to the 5th dimension. Back in his own world, the council of Mites invited Bat-Mite back within the Justice Mites of America on the condition he stopped messing with other worlds for good. Bat-Mite vividly accepted the condition. Immediately afterwards, the newly extended team left to fight against Canceltron.[4]



  • Firearms: Bat-Mite uses various weapons like a Batlaser and a Batzooka.[1][3]



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