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Bat-Mite was an imp from the Fifth Dimension that often helped out the Batman Family.

Mixin' It Up

Bat-Mite was summoned by Raven to help her and the Tiny Titans harass Mr. Mxyzptlk. Going along with the Titans, an annoyed Mxyzptlk decided to return home.[1]

Driving Me Batty

When all the bats left the Batcave and Robin was ordered to find them, Robin mentioned Bat-Mite in frustration and the imp teleport himself into the cave. Inspired by Jason Toddler and Tim Drake aking Robin's costumes, he summoned a bag of Batsuits and suggested dressing Zatara's bunnies in them. Robin and Batgirl then proceeded to duct tape and glue the bunnies to the ceiling to complete the illusion. Batman returned to the cave and, oblivious to the trick, congratulated them on finding the bats.[2]




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