Quote1 All you deserve... is a one-way trip to Hell! Quote2
-- Bat-Monster src

An enigmatic and apparently demonic threat that imitates the appearance of Terry McGinnis's batsuit, the Bat-Monster first appeared to the Jokerz members Scabz and Harlette, and later to news reported Adalyn Stern. Each time, he attacked them and claimed that he was doing so in order to drag their souls to hell. Nonetheless, he allowed all of his targets to live in order to spread the fear of Batman into the population of Neo-Gotham. When Terry was trying to convince Dana Tan not to dump him for his kiss with Melanie Walker, Bat-Monster apparently posessed his body for a split second during which time he attempted to attack Dana, prompting Terry to flee. A crowd of paranoid people, apparently affected by some kind of fear curse, later attacked a monument to the first Batman and attacked Terry, believing him to be the demon in disguise.[1] It was later revealed that Bat-Monster is a mass-hallucination created by Scarecrow's Fear Toxin.[2]


  • Darkness Manipulation
  • Fear Projection: Bat-Monster is apparently able to infect the minds of most (possibly all) of Neo-Gotham into believing that Terrence McGinnis is a murderous demonic beast.




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