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The "Bat-Sub" is the name given to the several vehicles used by Batman for underwater exploration.


The first model of the Bat-Sub was in fact an upgraded version of the Batplane, which could be transformed into a submarine by retracting its wings and using the torpedoes for underwater propulsion.[1] It also had car and boat modes.

The first official Bat-Sub was first called "Sub-Batmarine" and was designed by Dr. Gaige for Batman and Robin to help them capture the underwarter criminal known as Tiger Shark. Gaige, who was in fact the Tiger Shark, built the submarine with mechanical flaws, but later on, Bruce fixed the vessel and captured the criminal.[2]

The second Bat-Submarine was not an official Bat-Vehicle, but instead it was a navy pocket-sub which was borrowed to save Batman and Robin during an underwater mission. The salvage company in charge of the submarine painted a bat emblem on the front of the ship, but besides that and a net launcher, the vehicle had no other special equipment or capabilities, as the official Bat-Sub did.[3]


  • Batarang gun

Onboard Equipment

  • Grapple hook
  • Mechanical spring that releases a net of steel mesh used for underwater captures
  • Periscope

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