"Deadline, Part One: The Razors Under the Floorboards": Batgirl is under attack by a group of bank robbers dressed in wetsuits and armed with high-tech guns, and it has worn on her last nerve. She is sick of a Gotham City full of heroes who kill and v

Quote1.png Every time I shut down an operation, she moves everything and everyone. I can't... I can't get traction. And I can't let her slide anymore. Quote2.png

Batgirl (Volume 4) #32 is an issue of the series Batgirl (Volume 4) with a cover date of August, 2014. It was published on June 11, 2014.

Appearing in "Deadline, Part One: The Razors Under the Floorboards"

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Synopsis for "Deadline, Part One: The Razors Under the Floorboards"

Batgirl is under attack by a group of bank robbers dressed in wetsuits and armed with high-tech guns, and it has worn on her last nerve. She is sick of a Gotham City full of heroes who kill and villains who think they're doing the right thing. On the top of that list is Knightfall, who - though she helped Batgirl on a recent case - is still a criminal as far as Barbara is concerned. She spots a runner just as the police arrives, and prepares to leave the thugs remaining to them, but the policemen warn that the new commissioner has ordered them not to cooperate with vigilantes. Annoyed, she ditches them for the chase. Unfortunately, she loses him, and decides to cut her losses and target Charise Carnes instead.

Charise, meanwhile, has missed the ballet on account of traffic, and isn't too pleased about it. While waiting in her car, Sally Sarasota reports that one of their raiding parties was stopped by a vigilante - but the compromise isn't significant. Gretel has been dispatched to handle the snitch. Charise warns that the measure isn't good enough, and enacts Nomad Protocols. When she learns that the vigilante was Batgirl, she can't help but laugh at having missed two ballets that night. Whiling away the time, she watches a news report that Jim Gordon - who is already in jail - is being sued by Ricky Gutierrez over the botched raid that got him wrongfully shot. Charise comments that scum like Ricky shouldn't be allowed to sue good men like Jim Gordon. As such, she sends Sally to deal with him.

After discovering that none of Charise's operations are being run from where she thought they were, Barbara gives up and goes home. When she opens the front door, though, she immediately shuts it in embarrassment. Calling through the door, she remarks that she and Alysia Yeoh need to work out a signal so that they don't walk in on each other's dates. Soon, a girl named Jo hurries out, carrying her clothes and purse, introducing herself briefly before disappearing. With a smirk, Alysia comments that they were only playing scrabble, before admitting that she and Jo are dating. She also notes that Ricky called several times, but Barbara isn't ready to forgive him for his decision to sue her father.

Ricky, meanwhile, calls Barbara again, and gets no answer. From nearby, he hears Bonebreaker comment that maybe she doesn't want to talk to him. He recognizes her immediately as the woman who amputated his leg. She warns that Knightfall doesn't want him to sue Jim Gordon, and he must drop the suit by the next morning, or else.

Barbara gets up early for a jog - begrudgingly - plagued by thoughts of the high-tech weapons that Knightfall has been putting on the streets. Her jog is interrupted by Obscura, whom Barbara slaps immediately upon seeing her. Muni Khairuddin and Barbara were roommates in college, but things didn't end well, as demonstrated by Barbara's aggression. This requires Muni's men to sedate her and drag her into the back of their van.

Barbara and Muni had both been just fifteen years old in their first year at Gotham University, and they were constantly fighting - and sparring. They had grown close, eventually, but just when they were at their closest, Muni left. Barbara thought she died. Now, Muni explains that she was actually recruited straight out of college at eighteen, for an eyes-only elite counter-terrorism squad. Unfortunately, being on that squad meant staging her death. She has captured Barbara in order to offer her the same opportunity. She knows about Knightfall's planned assault on Gotham, and her agency may not be able to contain it. Barbara isn't interested in playing the spy game, though.

Muni warns that this isn't an offer that can simply be turned down without consequences. After all, Barbara's boyfriend has gang associations, her roommate is an eco-terrorist, her father's in jail, and her brother is a serial killer. Barbara comments that her brother is dead - which strikes Muni as unusual, because she happens to know otherwise. Without saying anything about it, she states that she needs Barbara's skills and contacts. Barbara responds that those things may come at too high a cost.

After being unceremoniously dropped in the middle of nowhere by Muni's men, Barbara gets a call from Ricky, desperately telling her that he's dropping the lawsuit because of something that happened to his brother. Knightfall's people infiltrated Blackgate and cut off Rolo's hand. This news shakes Barbara to her core, and the need for justice welled up inside her.

That night, she calls on her most reliable friend, Black Canary. Dinah warns that last time Babs faced down with Knightfall, she nearly got stabbed to death - and that was with backup. This plan might end up being a suicide run. Barbara has to admit that the odds aren't great, but they may have surprise help in the form of The Huntress, who happened to be eavesdropping.


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