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"Deadline, Part Three: Crash and Burn": On her own private yacht, Charise Carnes is unconcerned by the news that Batgirl has caught up to her. Batgirl is disgusted by Charise' use of her wealth to promote a deadly kind of vigilant

Quote1.png You know what I really dislike about you, Knightfall? Aside from everything, I mean? It's how you just. Keep. Under-estimating me. Quote2.png

Batgirl (Volume 4) #34 is an issue of the series Batgirl (Volume 4) with a cover date of October, 2014. It was published on August 13, 2014.

Synopsis for "Deadline, Part Three: Crash and Burn"

On her own private yacht, Charise Carnes is unconcerned by the news that Batgirl has caught up to her. Batgirl is disgusted by Charise' use of her wealth to promote a deadly kind of vigilantism that kills. While Barbara is no fan of crime, murdering every criminal in the city is not the way to get rid of crime, and so she has decided to bring Charise down tonight with the help of Black Canary and Huntress. She has also enlisted the help of her old school rival Muni Khairuddin - now a black ops agent called Obscura - with the knowledge that her help comes at the cost of having to work for her in the future.

Seeing Batgirl and her team speeding toward them in a boat, Charise has Gretel try to sink it with a rocket launcher. Anticipating the attack, Black Canary climes out onto the bow of the boat and screams until the rocket detonates safely out of range. The three passengers rappel up the side of the yacht as Gretel destroys the boat. Hurriedly, Charise initiates Operation: Rebirth as she sneaks off to put on her uniform while Bonebreaker and Gretel face the intruders. Bonebreaker warns that this plan has been in the works for years. Mercenaries from around the world have been recruited to accomplish in one night what the Bat-Family hasn't been able to do since they started. She reminds that they were all warned to leave the city. Anyone who remains will die. Batgirl smirks, whispering the code-word "Gargoyle" to Obscura, enacting her own counter-measures.

At his home in Cherry Hill, Ricky Gutierrez hears the mercenaries coming for him, and warns his mother that they have to leave. They're too slow to prevent a thug from kicking down the door, and in order to protect his mother, he tackles the man, despite the fact that he is unarmed and on a prosthetic leg. Unfortunately, the thug kicks him in the gut and he collapses. Angrily, his attacker turns to Helen. Fortunately, he is clubbed into unconsciousness by Lt. Melody McKenna of the Gotham City Police Department, who hurriedly guides Ricky and his mother to safety with the warning that the city is dangerous.

Unwilling to let Bonebreaker's brutality against Ricky and his brother Rolo go unpunished, Batgirl uses her friends' help to her advantage, and knocks her unconscious with a section of pipe. Accompanied by several armed guards and Grotesque, Charise emerges from the cabin as Knightfall, warning that Batgirl's enlising the police will be of little help against all the metahumans she hired. Batgirl responds that she has metahuman friends as well, and after hacking Knightfall's system, she was able to overcome her Project Nomad by attacking every one of her cells at once.

Knowing that fighting Charise will only make her madder, Barbara takes a different tack, reaching for a photo in her belt. She holds it up in Charise's face, explaining that it is a photo of her family. They would not approve of what she's doing now. She had watched them murdered - if they were watching now, they'd see her murdering hundreds of people. All of Knightfall's data has been made public. Her coup is over. Batgirl is sure that Charise barely understands what she's done, and offers her understanding as Charise removes her mask to reveal her tears. As a reward for helping to show her the light, Charise warns that Barbara's brother James is still alive. Barbara isn't a killer, after all. Realizing that she isn't who she thought she was, Barbara lets out a whoop of glee. She still has the chance to be the Barbara Gordon she wants to be.

Returning to her apartment, Barbara finds her roommate Alysia asleep on the couch clutching a baseball bat to protect herself. When Alysia wakes, Barbara makes a decision to start fresh. The time has come for her to leave Cherry Hill and start over elsewhere. She offers her friend the chance to come with her. Happily, Alysia hugs her.

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