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"Double Exposure": Pop star Juniper Vega has been robbed - and Batgirl appears to have helped, as the five bat-masked women speed recklessly down the street, drinking and driving. Suddenly, a device thumps onto the hood of their car, bringing it to a stop as the real [[Barbara Gordon (Pr

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Batgirl (Volume 4) #37 is an issue of the series Batgirl (Volume 4) with a cover date of February, 2015. It was published on December 10, 2014.

Synopsis for "Double Exposure"

Pop star Juniper Vega has been robbed - and Batgirl appears to have helped, as the five bat-masked women speed recklessly down the street, drinking and driving. Suddenly, a device thumps onto the hood of their car, bringing it to a stop as the real Batgirl swings down and plucks the imposter from her seat in the car. Angrily, Babs complains that this girl is hurting her reputation, but she is prevented from catching her by the other girls, who distract her with a Molotov cocktail, allowing the imposter to escape. Angrily, she vows that they at least will go down.

Afterwards, she pays a visit to Qadir at Burnside College, noting with disgust how excited the girls were to be captured by her. Still, the imposter worries her more. Qadir suggests that she would be better off getting in front of a camera while she's performing saves and captures, to show that she's the real Batgirl. Ignoring the suggestion, she thanks him for the EMP grenade she'd used on the car, and he grins, offering her another gadget - a phone case that can withstand the stress of vigilantism. He warns her not to use the camera on civilians, because the flash is blinding. Composing himself, he admits that the imposter is active on social media, and seems to be in it for the fame - which is no surprise, considering how popular Batgirl has become since she allowed herself to be seen at Burnside. There's even an art show celebrating her this weekend.

Barbara invites all of her friends out to the show, and so she, Dinah, Alysia, and Frankie step out of their cab, dressed to the nines for the hip Dagger Type show. In the line up, Babs spots Nadimah and Jeremy from school, who are stuck in line trying to get tickets - while Barbara managed to score tickets from Frankie through Hooq. Blushing, Jeremy comments that he's taken aback by how Barbara looks dressed up like this, and embarrassed, Barbara excuses herself to rejoin her friends inside.

Seeing the artwork of the artist Dagger Type, Barbara is mortified by the strangely sexualized depiction of a woman dressed as Batgirl. Naturally, Dinah thinks it's hilarious. Grumpily, Barbara responds that the model is obviously the one impersonating her - and obviously narcissistic. Frankie appears and drags them over to a depiction of Batgirl sitting in a wheelchair, and comments that as a person with a disability herself, she feels it speaks to her. Barbara herself, though, is speechless.

After the event, Batgirl returns to the gallery to confront the curator and demand to know where Dagger Type is. Startled, the woman explains that he remains anonymous, sending his work to her via OmniCAB. So, Batgirl attempts to hack OmniCAB's records to trace cabs that went to the gallery. Through this, she locates an address, where Dagger Type keeps his studio space, and discovers a book of American Sign Language inside it. Thinking back, she realizes that the model was posed to deliver a message in ASL: "Below Burnside Bridge 10pm"

So, Barbara waits at the bridge, trying to get a hold of Dinah for backup, though she knows Dinah may be reticent to help, given their soured relationship of late. She is interrupted in leaving a voice-mail for her by the imposter and her allies. Angrily, Batgirl complains that this imposter is done making her look like a fool. Derisively, her opponent responds that she's making Batgirl famous - and the spotlight is wasted on her, so she intends to kill her and take her place. Barbara attempts to unmask the imposter, and is surprised when the mask comes away along with a wig. Gasping, she looks to see that the imposter Batgirl is actually Dagger Type himself. He pulls a gun, forcing her to dodge the bullet by leaping off of the bridge into the water, where she loses her own cowl, to her annoyance.

Unfortunately, Qadir can't get her a new cowl in time for Batgirl to crash Dagger Type's next event - the revelation of Batgirl. The next night, she makes her way into the event theatre in plain clothes, as the PA system announces that tonight, the audience will witness the true identity of Batgirl. The curtain rises on Dagger Type, who claims that he is the Batgirl of Burnside, prompting expressions of confusion and disbelief from the audience. Barbara can only stifle a giggle at his antics on stage, and he responds with rage, pulling a gun and firing blindly into the audience, causing a stampede.

Only Barbara runs toward the stage, holding her new phone up and shielding her eyes as she blinds Dagger Type with the flash. He recognizes her voice as she pins him to the floor and demands to know why he's been impersonating her, and why he used the image of her in the wheelchair. He explains that someone paid him to - a patron who promised fame and fortune. She gets no more answers before the GCPD arrives. A young officer takes her aside, recognizing her as the Commissioner's daughter. He introduces himself as Liam, and admits that he'd like to see her around sometime, and blushing, she comments that she'd like that.

Later, as the sun begins to rise, Barbara has Dinah help her take a photo for her own Pictograph account, in order that she can control the perception of Batgirl.

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