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"Art of the Crime, Part Three: Facade": Batgirl is being framed for the murder of Grotesque. Detective Evan Douglas wants to get her arrested, but Batgirl escapes. Now she knows the [[Dark Web (Prim

Quote1.png But Grotesque (the alive one) mentioned he was working with the Dark Web. If that's true, then the real threat is online. And legs or no legs, I kick butt online. Quote2.png

Batgirl (Volume 5) #28 is an issue of the series Batgirl (Volume 5) with a cover date of December, 2018. It was published on October 24, 2018.

Synopsis for "Art of the Crime, Part Three: Facade"

Batgirl is being framed for the murder of Grotesque. Detective Evan Douglas wants to get her arrested, but Batgirl escapes. Now she knows the Dark Web is backing Grotesque, she will need to go to the net to fight them.

Meanwhile, Detective Douglas orders his men to try and track Batgirl down. He also tells one of them to head back to the precint and gather the task force up to ensure the success of Operation Swap Meet. After his men are gone, Douglas is contacted by Wyrm. Douglas doesn't like Wyrm, even though Wyrm's phantasm technology helped him frame Batgirl. Wyrm reminds him who he is stealing for, and Douglas states Wyrm will have his merchandise after Operation Swap Meet as long as Wyrm stops pushing him. Wyrm leaves, and Douglas starts a hologram of a woman saying he is safe with her.

Batgirl stumbles her way back to her father's house despite her dizziness, changes clothes and tries to sneak into her bedroom, but Barbara is caught by her very mad father. After an argument, both Gordons make up and hug each other. James also mentions the GCPD is guarding an art exhibit opening at the Museum tonight. Grotesque's murder spree has driven wealthy Gothamites to donate their art, and Gordon guesses Grotesque may strike the Museum next.

James leaves and Barbara tries to get some sleep for a while, but at the end she suits up and goes to the Birds of Prey's old headquarters, the Gotham Clock Tower. Batgirl guesses Wyrm used a hologram to frame her. Since Dark Web is messing with cops to protect Grotesque, they must have hacked into Detective Douglas' computer.

Fortunately, Barbara copied his hard drive. She quickly deduces Wyrm wants to hit the exhibit. She also finds out Wyrm has already sold some stolen art pieces... including one statue she saw in Grotesque's penthouse and is being exhibited in the Museum right now.

Distressed, Batgirl realizes Grotesque has already looted the Museum. He replaced the art pieces with fakes, and is staging a massacre to cover his theft up.

As Batgirl rides to the Museum to save everyone, she realizes Grotesque can't have orchestrated his plan from the outside.

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