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"Beyond Burnside, Epilogue": Barbara Gordon is flying back Gotham. Pamela Isley has taken that same flight by mere chance.

Quote1.png I guess I can stop worrying about the application I just sent, and whether switching careers is what I really want. I think it is, but maybe the flight home from a trip is the wrong time to change direction. Quote2.png

Batgirl (Volume 5) #6 is an issue of the series Batgirl (Volume 5) with a cover date of February, 2017. It was published on December 28, 2016.

Synopsis for "Beyond Burnside, Epilogue"

Barbara Gordon is flying back Gotham. Pamela Isley has taken that same flight by mere chance.

The plane runs into some turbulence, and Barbara gets a whiff of a strange, awful odor. Knowing instinctively Batgirl should investigate that smell, Barbara changes clothes and looks around. She finds what she is looking for in the cargo hold: Aristolochia pugnaculi, a prehistoric plant whose flowers smell like rotten flesh.

Poison Ivy shows up, confirming that it is her specimen, but it was dormant and the combination of altitude and turbulence must have stirred it. Although Ivy claims she is going to get her plant settled down, Batgirl doesn't want to leave her alone with it. Nevertheless, they have bigger troubles to deal with. Thanks to the ambient humidity the plant is growing uncontrollably, its roots are wrecking the plane's turbines, and it doesn't listen to Poison Ivy.

Both women try to cut it back, but it is growing too fast. Batgirl comes up with a plan: the plane's breathing masks are connected to oxygen candles. Said candles are filled with a mixture of chemicals, including sodium chlorate, a weed killer.

Batgirl is going to kill the plant, but Ivy steps in the way, arguing that specimen is the last of its kind. Batgirl argues back that humans didn't drive that species to extinction. Saddened, Ivy agrees not to interfere. Batgirl manages to inject "Aristolochia" with weed killer, but as the weakened prehistoric organism is in its death throes, it tries to kill Batgirl. Surprisingly, Ivy interferes and cuts the tendril strangling Batgirl.

Barbara's flight lands safely on the Gotham International Airport. As she heads out of the plane, Barbara gets an e-mail telling her application for switching careers has been accepted, and meets up with her friend Frankie.

As they hug, Barbara misses a man called Ethan Cobblepot -the son of the Penguin- leaving the airport.

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  • E. Cobblepot (First appearance)
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