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"Who Is Oracle? - Finale: Arise": Huntress is in shock at the sudden realization the her mother is not only alive, but that she is also a vengeful crime boss called Fenice. As Huntress comes to terms with the implications of

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Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #6 is an issue of the series Batgirl and the Birds of Prey (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2017. It was published on January 11, 2017.

Synopsis for "Who Is Oracle? - Finale: Arise"

Huntress is in shock at the sudden realization the her mother is not only alive, but that she is also a vengeful crime boss called Fenice. As Huntress comes to terms with the implications of discovering her mother is actually alive, Black Canary pursues the fleeing Fenice and Santo Cassamento as Batgirl and Oracle watch from a drone. Huntress finally composes herself and follows after. Batgirl is angry at Oracle for not telling them who Fenice was, but doesn't have time to confront the issue as the criminals seek to hide out in the Majestic Theater.

When Black Canary and Huntress follow them into the theatre, they are once again confronted by the Snake Gang Asp, Copperhead, and Lady Viper. Batgirl leaves Gotham Tower to aid them leaving Oracle to monitor the situation on his own. As they fight off the Snake Gang and wait for backup, Huntress locks Fenice and Santo in the projector room. Santo bumps a projector, turning it on and the Birds of Prey take cover inside the theatre. Inside they find a stage full of mobsters. At first they think it is Oracle betraying them but he ensures them all that they are merely backup. With the advantage of numbers on their side, the Birds attack the Snake Gang once again. Soon after Commissioner Gordon arrives with the Gotham City Police Department and Batgirl reveals that she too called for backup.

While the GCPD, Mobsters, and Birds of Prey work to subdue the Snakes, Huntress goes to confront her mother. In the projector room, Huntress reveals herself to Fenice as Helena Bertinelli, Fenice's daughter. Fenice is shocked and reveals the truth about her family's fate. A long time ago Santo and Maria had fallen in love. Together they planned to kill Frank Bertinelli because they knew he would never grant her a divorce. The plan went awry when Santo's men killed Maria's children as well due to the long-standing rivalry between their families. Enraged at the death of her children, Maria attempted to attack and kill Santo on their flight to Italy. Maria quickly left Santo and attempted to drown herself in the sea, but she survived and took that as a sign that vengeance was required. Building up an empire, Maria returned to Gotham like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, took on the alias Fenice, and began seeking her revenge.

Fenice tells Huntress that revenge truly belongs to her and that Huntress should kill Santo for the murder of their family. Santo says his men betrayed him and that the children were never meant to be hurt. Batgirl and Black Canary finish fighting off the Snake Gang and rush to the projection room thinking Huntress will revert back to her vengeful ways and kill Santo. Huntress resists and turns both Santo and Fenice over to the waiting authorities.

With the mobsters and the Snakes in custody, the Birds return to Gotham Tower to finally deal with Oracle. Batgirl announces that Oracle can join the team as a probationary member under the vigilant watch of the Birds. After the birds leave Oracle gets a message asking if "they" trust you yet, leaving Oracle's true intentions still in question.

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