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The Batgyro was a small single-person flying device used by Batman.


During its debut mission, Batman used it to follow Julie Madison to Paris and Hungary after she was hypnotized by the Monk. The Batgyro had the capabilities of flying long distances, it had an auto-pilot feature that allowed it to hover over specific areas and it also had a retractable ladder incorporated within.[1][2]

Later on, Batman adapted a Bat-Face on the front of the vehicle and he also created a concealing chemical that allowed the plane to be covered by dark smoke, getting the appearance of a cloud. This proved useful on missions when close surveillance on enemy bases was needed. However, this version of the Bat-gyro was destroyed when Batman was forced to crash it against a giant dirigible, which was destroying the city.[3]

Batman stopped using the Batgyro in favor of the Batplane, which provided faster speed and was better overall. Despite the Batplane's obvious advantages over the Batgyro, it wasn't useful for hit-and-run missions, as it couldn't hover steadily over places as the Batgyro. For this reason, Batman included rotor blades into the Batplane, rendering the Batgyro practically useless.[4]


  • Auto-pilot
  • Concealing Smoke

Onboard Equipment

  • Retractable Ladder


  • The Batgyro was the first of Batman's bat-themed vehicles to appear in the comics.

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