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Bathomet is a powerful ancient Cthulhuesque beast from the Dark Multiverse.

"Bathomet" was an ancient subterranean beast accidentally freed by the Batman of his universe, while he was drilling for resources in the ocean. He later took to copying Batman's style by wearing his cowl and was recruited into the Dark Knights by the Batman Who Laughs, in order to invade Earth 0 under a pact with Perpetua. The Suicide Squad unsuccessfully fought him and he later assaulted Atlantis. Aquaman surrendered upon realizing he would kill all Atlanteans.[1]

Bathomet was later assigned to keep a watch over Aquaman, who was made the overseer of the "Seven Seas" by the Batman Who Laughs. When Aquaman discovered the mythical sea monster Umibozu, he decided to win it over to his side and betray Bathomet. His plans were however discovered and Bathomet threatened to boil the seas if he didn't destroy the Umibozu's human corpse, due to which it was cursed to exist as a spirit. Aquaman was thus forced to kill the Umibozu and continue serving the Batman Who Laughs.[1]



  • Trident

  • Bathomet's name is a play on that of "Batman" and "Baphomet".



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