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"The Bat & The Cat, Chapter 3: God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen": In the past, Selina pummels Joker, telling him how Batman found his “reindeer”, asking him what is wrong with him for sewing antlers onto families, wh

Quote1.png They were always tied, those two. They existed with each other, maybe for each other. And so. They live together. They leave together. Quote2.png
Selina Kyle (Last Rites)

Batman/Catwoman #3 is an issue of the series Batman/Catwoman (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2021. It was published on February 16, 2021.

Synopsis for "The Bat & The Cat, Chapter 3: God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen"

In the past, Selina pummels Joker, telling him how Batman found his “reindeer”, asking him what is wrong with him for sewing antlers onto families, which Joker simply responds if she thinks he knows. Later, Bruce notices Selina’s injuries while they’re in bed together and tries to ask what happened, which she blows off. He tries to tell her that he can help her and won’t let others hurt her anymore, but Selina states it’s too late for that as the two proceed to make out. Sometime later, Catwoman opens a safe where she finds the Joker stuffed inside, saying that he’s been looking for her. After giving her a necklace, he tells her about the big Christmas party at the Gotham ice rink tomorrow, and that he’s going to set off gas there, saying that he’s doing this for not telling her about the reindeer incident. He proceeds to taunt Catwoman, telling her that now with this information she could tell Batman, but then he would learn about her and the Joker’s meetings, and that the only way for him not to find out is to let them die. He concludes saying it’s why he doesn’t tell her since it makes her life “unnecessarily hard”, and this will let her decide whether she’s “Catwoman” or “Batman.”

In the present, Batman and Catwoman watch over the Joker through security camera footage, as he gleefully sings Christmas songs for the two. Batman confronts Joker shortly after Phantasm kills Paul Fleishman, revealing that the GCPD autopsy showed a message Joker left under his tongue stating Batman and Catwoman are hiding him. He angrily decides to let Joker out and let Phantasm have him, but Joker calls his bluff, saying that letting him go would be equivalent to Batman killing him, and he’s too nice to do that. The Phantasm confronts Selina in bed, as the two begin to fight, while Bruce contacts her regarding a “security error” in the mansion and asking for her to take a look at it. The two women end up being knocked outside the mansion and both end up unconscious.

In the future, Batwoman asks Commissioner Grayson about why she was summoned regarding the dead body found in Florida, which he reveals that the man’s throat was slashed several days ago and that he was wearing makeup, which underneath contained white skin. Batwoman can’t believe it, saying how they’ve been looking for him for ten years, while Grayson talks about his first encounter with the Joker and how that changed everything for him. Later that night, Helena has dinner with Selina. Helena tries to talk about how they believe the body that was found is the Joker and they’re running tests on it, but Selina ignores her, remarking on her life of being abandoned and left to die, clawing her way up to become Catwoman, meeting Batman, and now after his death has become the richest woman in the word. Later, Batwoman informs Selina that the dead man is in fact the Joker, and she will be assisting Grayson in investigating the murder. Selina laughs at this, saying how she’s sounding just like her father, and when Batwoman brings up how Bruce and the Joker died weeks between each other, Selina simply says it’s because they were always tied together. The following day, Helena tells Selina that she investigated the Joker’s home. Selina asks if she found any clues, which she responds it was clean, when in actuality, she had found evidence of their struggle.

Appearing in "The Bat & The Cat, Chapter 3: God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Joker (Flashback only)
    • The Joker (Last Rites) (Appears only as a corpse) (Flashback only)
  • Phantasm (Flashback only)

Other Characters:





  • Selina's statement that she was abandoned in a dumpster as a baby, contradicts both her New 52 and Rebirth origin.


  • The corner of Kane and Finger is a reference to Bob Kane and Bill Finger.
  • Dick's "Bang Pow Blam" line is a homage to the 1966 Batman TV series.

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