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"Forget-Me-Not": Satanus wonders what the rules of Kaiyo's mischievous plan for Batman and Superman. Having erased their memories, there must be a chance for them to get them back, or the

Quote1.png Hell of a woman, Lois Lane. Can't understand why this Superman hasn't made a move. Quote2.png

Batman/Superman #15 is an issue of the series Batman/Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2014. It was published on October 15, 2014.

Synopsis for "Forget-Me-Not"

Satanus wonders what the rules of Kaiyo's mischievous plan for Batman and Superman. Having erased their memories, there must be a chance for them to get them back, or there is no fun in breaking their souls. Grinning, she responds that all they have to do is want to get their memories back. It's in their own hands.

At her hotel in Gotham City, Lois Lane is surprised to find Batman at her door, and invites him in. He explains that while he may not be the man he once was, he did find a way to track the Scarecrow, whom Batman failed to stop from murdering three people earlier that day. He came to Lois because he hoped she'd join him. Flirtatiously, he suggests that she is capable of more than she knows.

Having found a Batgirl costume in his cave, he offers it to Lois, and the pair of them begin training. Her experience training with her father - a military general - makes her a formidable opponent compared to him, and he muses that he can't imagine why Superman wouldn't have made a move to romance her. She smirks that flirting isn't Batman's style - but things change. Though she is flattered, Lois knows that it is for the greater good that they get his memories back. They are distracted, suddenly, by an explosion across town.

That explosion is the work of Superman and Catwoman, who are tearing through Ralph Mangubat's robot drones. Using his x-ray vision, Superman identifies one of the drones as Mangubat himself, having had his internal organs built into his new machine body. Despite Mangubat's claims that he was framed, Superman reminds that he was stealing WayneTech robotics, intending to sell to terrorists, and murdered three police men when he escaped from jail. Unfortunately, the squad Superman brought with him beat him so violently that Catwoman isn't sure Mangubat will survive long enough to be exonerated of the crimes she was framed for.

Unexpectedly, Superman is flattened beneath the wheels of Batman's Batcycle. Lois, meanwhile, comes to Mangubat's rescue, explaining that she prefers trials to executions. Unfortunately, he turns on her, responding that he'd like to avoid either. Worried for Lois' safety, Batman calls out, only to choke as Superman wraps his fist around his neck. Batman wheezes that they are on the same side, and people need their help. Superman responds casually that they need his help only. Using scrap metal from nearby, Superman locks Batman in a makeshift cage.

Fortunately for Lois, Catwoman knocks her out of Mangubat's path, but when Superman destroys one of his massive robots, a piece of debris pierces through Lois' thigh, and Batman realizes from his cage that he should never have put Lois in danger like this. Hearing her scream of pain, Superman realizes that while he doesn't remember her, he does know Lois. Helpfully, he cauterizes her wound, and channels his righteous anger into facing Mangubat. He warns that he is going to make an example of him, as Lois calls out that he can't do that. Snidely, Catwoman remarks that Superman is happier being this version of himself, even if Lois thinks he's going too far. Shoving Catwoman aside, Lois turns to Batman, pleading for him to remember Superman, and use that memory to appeal to his better judgment. Though he isn't sure he wants to lose this new version of himself; one free of the pain of losing his parents, he knows he must, and after sharing a kiss with Lois, he turns his thoughts inward, trying to remember.

Instantly, the memories flood back, and after regaining his composure, Batman whispers Clark's name to him, knowing Superman will hear. He whispers that whatever Superman intends to do - he has to remember who he is first. Reluctantly, Superman thinks back, and his memories return to him. Returning to his former self, he passes Mangubat over to the authorities with instructions to treat him humanely, and then frees Batman from his cage, apologizing.

Batman suppresses his feelings about having to experience all of his bad memories at once, and heads off in search of Scarecrow. Lois attempts to follow him, but he is already gone. Catwoman, turns to Superman, and sees that he no longer has an interest in hanging around with her, and so she takes her leave as well. Superman returns Lois to Metropolis, and she reminds him that the person he was before his memories came back wasn't him. Grimly, Superman admits that part of that man was him.

Batman returns to Wayne Manor, meanwhile, and Alfred is surprised to find him there. When he calls him Bruce, Batman warns him not to call him that, and Alfred realizes that his old friend has - unfortunately - returned to his former self.

Satanus points out that in beating Kaiyo, they also beat themselves, and commends her on her achievement. She wonders if he will honour their deal, and release her now that she's entertained him. Grinning, he explains that he had only agreed not to eat her. He won't be setting her free any time soon. In the meantime, they will be together, waiting for the opportunity to finish the job of breaking Batman and Superman's spirits.

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