"First Contact, Part 1": Batman has just discovered a thief in the Batcave, which is rare enough in itself, but this one moves like a Robin, and that interests him. Having caught her, she explains that the short explanation for her presence is that sh

Quote1.png Sure. But my mother also taught me that the only way we make it in the world... is if we trust our friends. Quote2.png

Batman/Superman #8 is an issue of the series Batman/Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2014. It was published on February 26, 2014.

Synopsis for "First Contact, Part 1"

Batman has just discovered a thief in the Batcave, which is rare enough in itself, but this one moves like a Robin, and that interests him. Having caught her, she explains that the short explanation for her presence is that she is his daughter from another dimension, and she needs his help. He rejects her story outright, so she tries the long version.

She is Helena Wayne, daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Together, they fought crime as a family until Darkseid attacked, and for all she knows, killed everyone on her planet, including her father. She and her friend Karen survived by travelling through one of Darkseid's Boomtubes, emerging on this world, and taking on the identities of Power Girl and Huntress.

Despite feeling that the story makes little sense, Batman has a flash of memory that feels alien to him, remembering Superman and he meeting doubles from another world. And against his better judgment, Batman cannot help but believe her story in its entirety. So, in response, he tranquilizes her, reminding himself that he cannot always trust his heart.

After a DNA test, he realizes quickly that, somehow, she is either his daughter, or his double's. He is annoyed when she sneaks up behind him, explaining that as Batman's daughter, it would suggest he'd trained her poorly if she had let herself get caught in a trap she couldn't escape. She pushes past him to the computer, showing him why she has come, already aware of how to use it and its passwords. Uncomfortably, he must accept that he trusts her, whether he wants to or not. She explains that Power Girl's powers have gone a little out of control.

As they travel to investigate, Helena wonders why they haven't contacted Superman yet, given his experience as a Kryptonian. Batman reminds that their worlds are different, and it would be better to be cautious - as her father should have taught her. She points out that her mother had also taught her that survival depends on relying on friends. As she says this, she contacts Karen, who is not pleased to learn that her friend went behind her back to get help from Batman. Unfortunately, her powers are still on the fritz, and she is forced to warn them away in any case, as she nearly destroys a small village near Baja California. Thankfully, Superman intervenes.

Batman tries to warn Superman not to engage with Power Girl, explaining that whatever is affecting her might also affect him, but, having sensed that she doesn't intend to cause this harm, Superman feels a responsibility to help her regardless of Batman's warnings. He worries, though, when he hears Helena's voice, suggesting Karen fly up into the stratosphere. Whispering, Karen responds worriedly that she can't even talk at a regular volume without the sound waves splitting the world apart. As Superman approaches her, she begins to dread what he might do to her, and even as Helena tries to reassure her, she watches as Superman thrusts a giant boulder down on top of her friend. Batman merely grunts.

Fortunately, the resulting dust cloud blocks out the sun enough that Karen's powers subside enough for Superman to have a chat with her. She admits that she is from a Krypton, but not his. Despite Batman's warnings, Superman explains that he may be the only one who can help Karen contain her powers, and he hopes that she will trust him enough to let him try. She allows him to take her out into the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where no innocents can be harmed. As he instructs her to relax, he recalls how he had once sat in Smallville, watching his father's field burning, and wondering if anyone would ever be safe from him again.

Trying to relax, Karen opens her eyes, and releases a blast of energy. Though it is powerful, it also burns out much of the leftover energy in her body, and she feels quite relieved. Superman assures her that this wasn't her fault, and that he will find a way to take care of it, with Batman's help. Helena and Batman, in the meantime, have been looking into areas that Karen might have been under the influence of some kind of solar anomalies, but at this point, they haven't found anything of use. At least, that's what they tell Superman.

Helena doesn't exactly approve of Batman's lie, but she swallows it, wondering instead if this place they are hovering over is the real source of Karen's troubles. Batman explains that the island of Rheelasia is a crime infested dump run by dealers and gun smugglers, up until a few years ago, when Kaizen Gamorra took over, renaming it "New Gamorra". Surprised, Helena points out that on her world, Karen dated Kaizen Gamorra.

Soon, Bruce and Helena are on the island in their civilian identities, partaking of the President's Ball. While everyone stares at them, Helena uses that, making a scene of domestic turmoil between them and strutting off with feigned anger. Bruce pays a servant to let her cool off in a restricted area, undisturbed. Witnessing the charade, Kaizen Gamorra approaches Bruce to inquire about his well-being. Bruce shrugs it off, instead of making small talk about Kaizen's business ventures in Asia, to stall while Helena searches his computer. Soon, she finds something quite incriminating, and returns to ask to speak to Bruce privately. Sheepishly, Bruce excuses himself from their host, who waves them on, knowingly.

From Kaizen's files, they learned that Karen is set to detonate, and when she does, Superman will not be invulnerable. Clark doubts that he can't handle it, but when he turns to Karen to reassure her, she throws him down to the ground, and speeds up toward the sky. Superman realizes that she's only trying to protect him from her power, but he insists that he can help. Batman continues his warnings that the risk to him isn't worth the trouble, but Clark knows that if their positions were switched, Bruce would do the same thing - the right thing - and deal with the consequences later. As Clark gathers Karen up in his arms, a bolt of energy courses painfully through him.

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