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"Who Are the Secret Six?, Part Three": Superman was indeed infected with the toxin of Batman who Laughts in order to infiltrate his plan which seeks to know his purpose, meanwhile Batman watches and listens carefully.

Quote1.png I need to stop thinking like me. Or even thinking like him. I need to ask myself...what would Superman do? Quote2.png

Batman/Superman (Volume 2) #3 is an issue of the series Batman/Superman (Volume 2) with a cover date of December, 2019. It was published on October 23, 2019.

Synopsis for "Who Are the Secret Six?, Part Three"

Superman was indeed infected with the toxin of Batman who Laughts in order to infiltrate his plan which seeks to know his purpose, meanwhile Batman watches and listens carefully.

BWL and Superman arrive at the Armory of the Justice League where he reveals his intentions to obtain equipment, Superman proposes to raise and kill all those who are upstairs but BWL confesses that they have a role to play in their coming plan, Clark proceeds To ask what that plan is about what BWL says his plan is for his infected to kill every living thing in the Multiverse, Clark loses his patience and attacks the villain. Just then Batman appears injecting a cure to Clark and ordering the Justice Headquarters to restrict movement of BWL and Superman. BWL reveals knowing that everything was controlled by Batman, deducing in advance that Shazam had failed in his task and that they never really left his cell, Batman deactivates the hologram system that covered the room, revealing that in truth he has not yet left the cell to which the dark Batman is returned. Before leaving, Batman activates an additional protocol which imprisons Clark in a room pumped by sunlight, in order to cure his infection.

Batman following the tracks that BWL blew, deduces that Gordon is one of the infected, proceeding to follow him with the Batimovil and ramming him, then proceeding to get into his vehicle and try to reason with the commissioner without success, Batman manages to get Gordon out of the vehicle which crashes meters later, just so that when trying to interrogate the purpose of why he is infected, Gordon activates a device on his wrist which suddenly awakens Gordon's old suit that was in the truck he was driving, Rookie begins to immediately attack Batman who is quickly protected by Superman, who managed to get out of his cell and deduced that BWL was referring to Gordon. Clark proceeds to fight Rookie while Batman tries to approach Gordon who is shooting him, Superman manages to dismantle Rookie using his icy breath while Batman manages to beat Gordon.

Batman and Superman take Gordon and Rookie and head towards the Fortress of Solitude, where Kelex is ordered to examine Rookie's pieces while discussing how the Fortress can go unnoticed by BWL, but Gordon who listens to them comments that it is too late for that, Kelex immediately begins to get corrupted, revealing that within Rookie's armor, thousands of Nanobots were beginning to take shape, revealing that Jaime Reyes, the Blue Beetle is one of those infected, proceeding to hack the computer systems of the batcave and incapacitating the heroes.

The Batman who Laughts narrates how he feels that the pieces of the puzzle are adjusting, the heroes will soon know the reason for his plan, however he is not alone in that game, revealing that he is aware that someone is changing Time and Space, also arguing that their competition has been occupied while BWL observes Perpetua's signal in the sky, concluding that it puts them in conflict, threatening that Batman always wins.

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