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"A Knight in New York": A man roams the streets of New York City, scared to death. He calls 911 to testify that he'd just met some demonic creatures in the sewers, who told him something scary: "COWABUNGA!".

Quote1.png I... I failed tonight. I Failed my brothers, I failed my city and I failed you... They could have died because I wasn't strong enough to fight them myself. Quote2.png

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #1 is an issue of the series Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2018. It was published on December 6, 2017.

Synopsis for "A Knight in New York"

A man roams the streets of New York City, scared to death. He calls 911 to testify that he'd just met some demonic creatures in the sewers, who told him something scary: "COWABUNGA!".

Back in the Subway Tunnels, thirty seconds earlier, the Ninja Turtles are flying at high speed on experimental machinery that Donatello built.

Meanwhile, on a subway train, the Elite Guard of the Foot Clan are forcing Shredder's daughter (and his rightful successor) to accept them as the new leaders. She refuses, so the head of the Elite Guard kicks her off the train. She's promptly caught by Michelangelo, whom she dismisses harshly: she blames the Turtles for this situation, as they threw Shredder in prison, causing the fight for the succession to happen. Leonardo and Raphael hit the Leader and one of his men out of the train, leaving them to Donatello's wits.

Donatello charges a taser rifle he'd designed the previous night with the power he takes from the rail, but he's outplayed by the ninjas' agility and shurikens, through which they cut out his power source. The other brothers hear the scuffle and rush to aid Donnie. The Leader of the Elite Clan beats Donatello once more, telling him he's no true ninja as he's weak and without skill in combat. He almost manages to stick a spear in Donnie's face, when the other Turtles arrive and manage to defeat the foes. Donatello looks shaken by what happened.

In another reality, in Gotham City, a member of the League of Assassins enters a secret location, where he starts informing his master that the rebellious faction of the League found the Lazarus Pit he'd hidden all these years and want to use it on their new leader. Unfortunately for the assassin, there is no "master" there: only Batman and Robin, who force him to explain everything to them. He further reveals that a faction of the League believes Ra's proved himself weak after he partnered with Shredder and lost. Robin checks Bane's cell in Arkham and they realize it was destroyed from the inside.

Back to the Turtles' Universe, Casey and April are stitching up Donatello and tell the Turtles they'll have to move together at all times, considering the war between factions of the Foot Clan going on and how each faction wants their heads on a pike. Donatello still looks troubled, so he goes ask for council to Master Splinter. The Turtle claims to be inferior to his brothers because his wits cannot compensate for his lesser combat skills. As Splinter reminds him that no-one can master every ability in their lifetime, Donatello recalls meeting a man who did, a few months before, Batman. He resolves to talk to Batman about it, so he excuses himself from Splinter, who looks concerned.

One mile beneath Gotham City, Batman and Robin are reaching the hidden Lazarus Pit, when they are attacked by a Man-Bat Commando.

In New York City, a "disguised" Donatello enters Harold Lillja's hideout, where the multiversal teleportation system is kept. Donnie wants to communicate with Batman, so he tries to trace his genetic signature.

Under Gotham, Robin is pushed down a staircase by one of the Man-Bats, where he finds the mysterious Lazarus Pit. He calls his father to see it, while a maniacal laughter emerges from the water. Donatello is managing to make the machine work, but he's suddenly attacked by a division of the Foot Clan. Batman reaches the Pit, as the Man-Bats fled when they heard Bane's laughter. The villain emerges from the Pit, claiming that he's now truly free thanks to the gift of life everlasting. One of the ninjas of the Foot Clan hits the multiversal machine, which short-circuits swapping Bane and Donatello from each other's realities.

Now, as Donatello explains everything to Batman and Robin, Bane finds himself trapped by the Foot Clan, and ready to "escape" once more.

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