This paperback collects different stories with Anarky in it, all written by Alan Grant.

(Letters to the Editor from November, 1989)
(Facts About Bats from December, 1989)
(Tomorrow Belongs To Us from July, 1995)
(Anarky, Part One: Prophet of Doom from July, 1995)
(Anarky, Part Two: The Anarkist Manifesto from August, 1995)
(Metamorphosis, Part 1: Does a Dog Have Buddha Nature? from May, 1997)
(Metamorphosis, Part 2: Revolution Number 9 from June, 1997)
(Metamorphosis, Part 3: The Economics of the Madhouse from July, 1997)
(Metamorphosis, Part 4: Fanfare for the Common Man from August, 1997)

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