"Theatre of Violence": In Arkham City on night, Batman is on patrol, investigating the disappearance of multiple doctors. Batman suspects the doctors are being handed over to the Joker. When spying on newly arriving doctors, Batman is spo

Quote1.png Earlier tonight, I entered Arkham City. I was there to seek out a fight club that had surfaced. And to to find who was responsible for its creation. Find a gladiator ring operating beneath the Pinkley Natural History Museum might seem insane to some, but thisis Arkham City. This is where insanity meets reality. Quote2.png

Batman: Arkham Unhinged #6 is an issue of the series Batman: Arkham Unhinged (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2012.

Appearing in "Theatre of Violence"

Featured Characters:

  • Robin (Flashback and main story)

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Synopsis for "Theatre of Violence"

In Arkham City on night, Batman is on patrol, investigating the disappearance of multiple doctors. Batman suspects the doctors are being handed over to the Joker. When spying on newly arriving doctors, Batman is spotted by a TYGER helicopter. The aircraft begins to shoot at him. At the same time, Robin tries to talk to Batman over the com-link. Too busy to talk, Batman closes the com-link so he can continue his work.

In the Batcave, Robin touches up the make-up Alfred had just helped him put on. Alfred says, since Drake expects to go undercover in the super prison, he also has to play the part, not just look it. Robin says he won't have a problem with that. He puts on the clothes he took from some prisoners during his last visit to Arkham City.

Robin drops into the prison using the Batwing. As he hits the ground, he states how weird it is having no armor or equipment this time in Arkham. Robin says his first mission is to find the big fight club that is rumored to be in the city. Robin tries to keep his head down while walking through the different territories of all of the villains.

When Drake enters Penguin territory, he has a hunch the fight club is nearby. When a gang of Penguin's henchmen approach him, Robin isn't even scared. Robin beats each of the henchmen to the ground before interrogating the leader of the bunch. He says, with blood in his mouth, that the fight club is inside the museum. Robin smiles with his new intel.

Approaching the museum, several henchmen are guarding the door with guns. Drake just says he wants to join the fight club. The guard believes him and unlocks the door.

Drake walks in and is greeted by a large robotic T-Rex. Robin isn't even startled and just pats the robot's nose. Robin is in no rush to find the fight club. He takes the time to look at all of the glass cases Penguin has set up in the museum. He finds one containing Scarface and a ninja.

After enough wasted time, Robin decides to find the fight. Walking into an empty room, Robin asks where everyone is. He fails to notice Sickle approaching behind him. The hulking man hits Drake with the back of his sickle, knocking the boy out.

Robin awakes in a gladiator pit with a collection of other thugs. Penguin is standing ontop of a balcony, coldly greeting them. Cobblepot begins to explain the rules, but one rowdy thug begins to shout that he will be the winner of the fight. Immediately, Penguin shoots him through the stomach with his umbrella gun. Cobblepot then orders the fight to begin, and it does.

Most of the thugs are untrained brutes goign after one another. Drake waits on the outside radius of the ring for a fight to approach him. No one seems to look at him. When one massive thug walks by him, dragging an unconscious scrawny man in his hand, Robin silently takes him out. With Drake now in the fight, multiple henchmen aim for him. All of them are beaten by the hero.

Penguin complains that his dinner is getting cold. He wants a winner! He orders for his men to release the Titan. Suddenly, a large, overpowered man comes rushing through the gate. The juggernaut kicks Robin in the face and begins to choke him. Drake cannot survive for much longer.

Luckily, Bane arrives and slams the Titan agains the wall. Bane complains that Penguin's stashing of the Titan drug is ruining Bane's own fight club. He has come to destroy the drug himself. Robin begins to make a run for it. He cannot fight both Bane and Penguin.

Penguin notices Drake escaping and tries to shoot at him, but Bane tells him that he is the focus now. Bane threatens Penguin's life for the drug. Penguin, unintimidated, pulls out a button from his pocket.

Pushing it, Solomon Grundy falls from the ceiling attached to some chains. Grundy, who is almost double the size of Bane, chants his nursery rhyme. Both Bane and Grundy begin to fight. Bane and Grundy exchange blows until Bane gets the idea to electrocute Grundy with the electric fence. As he does so, Grundy states he is no Titan. Electric makes him stronger.

With even more power, Grundy beats Bane to the ground and then throws him through the ceiling. Grundy is the victor. Solomon Grundy is now too strong to be held by the chains. He breaks free, so now the Penguin has no control of him. Grundy's anger causes him to bash through everything, beating unconscious thugs on the ground some more. Penguin sacrifises most of his guards so they can stop the monster. Both he and Sickle depart, saying that it's dinner for two tonight.

Back in the Batcave, Alfred patches Robin up after the fight. He has minor bruises and a couple of cuts. But, Robin is not defeated. He puts on his real costume and goes out into the streets of Gotham. Batman is so occupied with Arkham City that Robin has to watch the real city. But, Robin rides off into the city, thinking about all the hulking giants like Bane, Titans, and Grundy that Batman will eventually have to fight in Arkham City.


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