"War": In a childhood flashback, Bruce Wayne recalls the murder of his parents as a boy. During the funeral, Carmine Falcone told the young Bruce that since Thomas Wayne once saved his life, he was good for one favor. Even then, Bruce could sense an aura of evil a

Quote1.png Someone intends to take everything from you-- piece by piece.... Quote2.png
Angelo Mirti

Batman: Dark Victory #1 is an issue of the series Batman: Dark Victory (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1999.

Synopsis for "War"

In a childhood flashback, Bruce Wayne recalls the murder of his parents as a boy. During the funeral, Carmine Falcone told the young Bruce that since Thomas Wayne once saved his life, he was good for one favor. Even then, Bruce could sense an aura of evil around the man.

In the present day, Batman is at Gotham Cemetery, perched atop its highest mausoleum. Sofia and Mario Falcone are at their father's gravesite, posthumously celebrating his birthday. Several other high profile Mafiosi are in attendance, including Sofia and Mario's cousin, Lucia Viti, who bitterly notes the absence of her mother and brother. Batman is surprised to see Selina Kyle arm-in-arm with Mario. Selina turns toward the mausoleum and mews curiously, suggesting that she senses Batman's presence. As Batman wonders if he's been spotted, a shotgun wielding bodyguard sneaks up from behind him. Batman dispatches the thug, but this alerts the other gangsters to his presence. Mario tells Sofia they need to leave, and notes that Selina has seemingly disappeared. Batman dispatches several of the gunmen with an aerial takedown, and Catwoman helps Batman neutralize the remaining thugs. Batman asks Catwoman why she is there, but she refuses to answer. By the time the police arrive, the "big fish" have fled, much to Commissioner Gordon's annoyance.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce is going for a swim when Selina and Mario make a surprise visit. Mario assures Bruce that Falcone Imports is now completely legitimate, and they want to do business with Wayne Enterprises. Bruce is leery, as Mario was bad enough to get kicked out of the country, but Mario attributes his deportation to reckless mistakes he made as a teenager, coupled with a hanging judge who dealt with him too harshly. Mario notes a perceived debt between the Wayne and Falcone families; this seems to touch a nerve with Bruce, who insists that such a debt no longer exists.

Gordon calls home to tell his family that he will likely be coming home from work late. His son answers, as his wife seems unwilling to speak with him. This is not lost on Porter, but Gordon does not wish to discuss it with her. They arrive at Arkham Asylum to meet the Falcone brothers, where Porter tells Alberto they are getting close to securing his release. Gordon reminds them that Alberto is a murderer, and accuses Mario of manipulating the legal system like his father did. Porter tells Gordon that Judge Harkness will make the final decision, and that he (Gordon) doesn't have to like it: Harvey Dent did some damage to the DA's office, and it is her job to clean up the mess. She further warns that Batman's actions are illegal, and that Gordon will pay a heavy price for supporting him.

Sofia hires Pino and Umberto Maroni to assassinate Harvey Dent on Halloween Night, the anniversary of her father's death. The brothers tell her that since their father "did half the job already," this one's on the house. They have the building layout of Arkham Asylum, plus a spy inside the facility. Sofia stresses that Alberto is not to be harmed. The meeting is interrupted by a power surge, Sofia tells them that she electrified the balconies in case Batman or Catwoman decided to spy on them. Her bodyguard, Angelo Mirti, shows them a grappling hook the intruder was forced to leave behind.

Gordon meets Chief Clancy O'Hara at the Gotham City Bridge. O'Hara tells Gordon he doesn't think the office is safe. He hands Gordon a list of names, and they talk about their plans to make being a cop in Gotham mean something again. O'Hara suggests they talk to Batman, as they will need to tell him about their plans sooner or later.

Gordon summons Batman, surprised that he has come, since he has become more and more of a loner. Gordon tells Batman there is nothing they can do to stop Porter from securing Alberto's release. Batman tells Gordon to let Porter do what she wants; he has his own plans. Gordon tells Batman they are both hurting because of what happened to Dent, and it is unnerving to see him in Arkham Asylum. After Gordon leaves, Catwoman warns Batman that the Falcones are planning to kill Dent. Batman coldly tells her that Dent is no longer his friend; Catwoman slaps him, telling him that she hopes he shows more interest when they come after her.

Batman goes to Arkham Asylum, confronting Two-Face for the first time since his capture. He tells Dent that he could undergo reconstructive surgery and get his old life back, but Dent insists the scars run too deep. Suddenly, masked gunmen attack the facility, killing some of the guards. Batman hears the shots, and tells Harvey to stay in his cell while he races off to investigate. A series of explosions rock the asylum, inadvertently freeing several of the inmates. Batman takes down the Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy, and Solomon Grundy, but the Joker and Scarecrow have escaped. An examination of their cells suggests they had prior knowledge of the attack. Batman suspects that Alberto Falcone is the mastermind behind the assault, but he is still in his cell, insisting that an innocent man has nothing to run from. Calendar Man has escaped, however, and so has Two-Face.

Batman confronts Sofia about Dent's disappearance, warning her that if she pursues any vendettas, he will take away all she has left. Sofia angrily asserts that she is virtually an invalid, all because of Dent.

Meanwhile, Judge Harkness agrees to release Alberto to the care of his brother and sister, but under heavy restrictions; he is under house arrest, an electronic monitor strapped to his ankle at all times. Batman assures Gordon that he will be watching Alberto very closely.

An unknown party steals Carmine Falcone's body from his grave, then sends Sofia a package, containing his severed finger. Mirti tells her that it's an old style message: they plan on taking everything from her, piece by piece. Meanwhile, Porter's office has been ransacked, and all of Harvey Dent's case files have been stolen.

The following morning, Chief O'Hara's body is found hanging from the Gotham Bridge, with a newspaper clipping of Alberto's release pinned to his jacket. Gordon summons Batman to the crime scene, clearly unnerved at such a brazen attack against a cop. Batman takes a closer look at the newspaper clipping; a Hangman puzzle has been scrawled into it, which appears to spell out "None of you are safe."

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