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"Passion": Two-Face is prisoner at the Gotham City Jailhouse and one day before his trial, D.A. Janice Porter tells him to call a lawyer to defend him, but Two-Face refuses, telling her that he is capable enough of defending himself in co

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Batman: Dark Victory #11 is an issue of the series Batman: Dark Victory (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2000. It was published on August 16, 2000.

Synopsis for "Passion"

Two-Face is prisoner at the Gotham City Jailhouse and one day before his trial, D.A. Janice Porter tells him to call a lawyer to defend him, but Two-Face refuses, telling her that he is capable enough of defending himself in court. Porter gets on her way and Two-Face tells her to bring all the evidence of the hangman case to the trial.

Meanwhile, Batman is at the Maroni's restaurant, trying to beat the location of Tony Zucco out of Pino and Umberto Maroni, and when they can't stand the beating, they tell Batman all he needs to know.

Moments later in the Batcave, the young Dick Grayson trains some of the movements he has learned with Batman, but he is furious because he isn't of any help to his mentor. Alfred tells Dick that Bruce has trained him to capture the man responsible for the murder of his parents and nothing more, and just as he is done speaking, Batman arrives and tells Dick that it's time.

At that moment, in the Falcone Estate near Wayne Manor, Alberto Falcone is wearing his Holiday outfit and carries the same gun used in his crimes along the house, while listening to "his dead father's voice", telling him to take control of the Falcone crime family. Holiday opens the door of the room where Sofia Falcone is, sitting in her wheelchair and looking herself at the mirror, without her wig. Silently, she mutters the word "poppa" and touches the scars on her face, similar to the ones her father had. Alberto has no heart to kill his sister and quietly walks away.

Later, at The Ox Club, Tony Zucco is having dinner, when Batman interrupts him and questions him about the murder of the Graysons. Zucco grabs his gun and shoots Batman, asking him how does he know about the Graysons and Batman tells him that the Maronis told him all he needed to know. Zucco runs out of bullets and he starts running away from Batman until he is out of the building, where he is attacked from above by Dick Grayson. Suddenly, Zucco starts having a stroke and Batman stops Dick from further hurting Zucco. Zucco begs for his life and tells Batman some details about the Maronis and the Arkham breakout, before dying in Batman's arms. Batman decides to take away Dick, who is in shock after watching Zucco die.

At that same moment, Janice Porter meets with Mario Falcone to discuss the deal. Mario tells her that he has been doing his part well, taking the power away from Sofia and that he doesn't want to be involved in police investigations like what happened after the Joker attacked him; but Janice tells him that he is in no position to demand anything and that he must remember that she is in control. After that, she tells him to go away before "someone drops a noose around his neck".

The next day, on the trial of Two-Face, Porter starts asking him questions about the evidence found in the crime scenes of the hangman killings and how they are all related to him. Two-Face returns the question reminding Porter that those files were taken from her office. Batman witness the trial and notices that something isn't right when Two-Face asks for the hour when he is wearing a watch. When Porter tells him that it's Two O'clock, the floor of the courthouse explodes and Mister Freeze, Solomon Grundy and Poison Ivy appear from underneath it. Batman manages to attack Freeze, but he is then attacked by Grundy, giving Two-Face enough time to retrieve all the evidence from Porter's desk. Two-Face and the rest start going down the hole in the ground and Ivy uses her vines to drag Porter down with them, but Batman reacts fast and cuts the vines, saving Porter from being taken, while Mister Freeze seals off the hole creating an ice wall that covers it completely, preventing anyone from following them.

Down in their hideout, Poison Ivy congratulates Two-Face for the success in the plan and she tries to seduce him and put him under her spell with help from her pheromones, but Two-Face resist her charms and tells her to go to hell.

That night, in the Courthouse, Officer Lauren Wilcox is going to see judge Harkness as she has been assigned as his escort, but while she is in the elevator, a noose comes down from the ceiling and grabs Wilcox's neck. Moments before dying, Wilcox recognized her assailant but when the elevator doors opened again, she was dead and the piece of the hangman game, drawn over a piece of newspaper about Harvey Dent shooting Falcone, is attached to her chest.

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  • Gotham City
    • Batcave
    • Gotham City Jailhouse
    • Gotham City Courthouse
    • Falcone Estate
    • The Ox Club
    • Maroni's Restaurant




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