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"Revenge": Two days after Two-Face escaped from his trial, Janice Porter goes down to the sewers to find him, but she finds Joker and Scarecrow instead. They take her to the place where

Quote1.png Harvey Dent is a married man, Porter. Don't ever forget that. Quote2.png

Batman: Dark Victory #12 is an issue of the series Batman: Dark Victory (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2000.

Synopsis for "Revenge"

Two days after Two-Face escaped from his trial, Janice Porter goes down to the sewers to find him, but she finds Joker and Scarecrow instead. They take her to the place where Harvey was contemplating a picture of Gilda. Porter tells Harvey to tell Joker and Scarecrow to release her. Joker realizes that Porter and Two-Face have something hidden and he decides to keep Porter in case Harvey tries to double-cross him. Porter yells at Harvey and tells them that she loves him and that she knows that he loves her too, but Two-Face shoots her and tells her that Harvey is a married man. Porter is dead and Harvey wants to talk to Mister Freeze and Julian Day immediately.

Two days later, at the GCPD Headquarters, Commissioner Gordon and the last surviving member of the Special Crimes Units, Julia Lopez, listen to the last radio message by Officer Wilcox before she was hanged in the elevator. They realize that she recognized the killer, but before they could investigate further, Batman enters the room and tells them that Porter has been missing for two days now and he gives them a yearbook he found in Porter's apartment. The book was from the time when Porter attended the Gotham University and her picture was signed by Harvey Dent, who was then a teacher to her. Batman suspects that everything that Porter learned from the GCPD, she told Harvey Dent.

At that moment, at the Falcone Estate, Alberto Falcone wakes up in the middle of the night and notices that his pillow and sheets are covered in blood. Scared, he sits on his bed and finds that he is holding the gun used in his Holiday killings and then he notices the dead body of Janice Porter lying on the bottom of his bed and a couple of bullet cases right below his hand, holding the gun. Alberto jumps out of his bed and starts listening to "his father's voice" telling him that he is a shame to the Falcone family and that he should kill himself. Alberto knows that his father would never tell him to kill himself and he shoots at the mirror, revealing the Calendar Man on the other side.

Two hours later, Batman and Gordon arrive a the Falcone Estate and find Calendar Man lying on the ground outside the house, unconscious and with Alberto's monitoring band attached to his ankle. Gordon thinks that Alberto couldn't have done it all by himself, but all the evidence indicates that he did. Batman and Gordon go inside the house to get a closer inspection and they find that the whole place was wired with cameras and microphones, that explained why did Alberto listened to his "father's voice" and also the persistence of Porter on sending Alberto to that house. There was no sign of Sofia in the entire place. Batman and Gordon find Porter's body in Alberto's room and they notice that she was killed with two shots from a .22 gun; just like Holiday's M.O. However, Batman noticed that Porter was dead for longer than a day and that her blood contained a chemichal that preserved her body, similar to the one Mr. Freeze used on his wife. The evidence indicates that it is all a conspiracy against one man, Holiday.

A few days later, Bruce examines the evidence of the hangman killings, but Dick Grayson keeps disturbing him. Dick just wants to help and he tells Bruce that maybe the first clue of the hangman killings isn't "None of you are safe", but "Nine of you are safe". Dick came up with that answer as he compared the picture of the nine remaining members of the Gotham Organized Crime that was on the screen of the Batcomputer. Bruce realizes that Dick's suggestion is good and it changed all about the hangman case.

Batman goes to the Falcone Penthouse, that is vacant and under repair and notices that somebody has been near the bookshelf but the books haven't been moved. Batman finds a secret door behind the bookshelf and when he opens it, he finds several hangman's knots and a hangman note with the message "you lose". Someone throws a noose and grabs Batman by the neck, pulling him out of the penthouse and leaves him hanging from the ledge of the building, when suddenly Catwoman appears to watch the scene.

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