"Orphans": During the show at Haly's Circus, the trapezists known as The Flying Graysons die in an "accident". The trapeze ropes snapped and John and Mary Grayson fall to their deaths, leaving their son [[Richard Gray

Quote1 I can only tell you, Dick, something I wish I had said a long time ago to someone else. You are not alone. I imagine you will never be again... Quote2
Alfred Pennyworth

Batman: Dark Victory #9 is an issue of the series Batman: Dark Victory (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2000.

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Synopsis for "Orphans"

During the show at Haly's Circus, the trapezists known as The Flying Graysons die in an "accident". The trapeze ropes snapped and John and Mary Grayson fall to their deaths, leaving their son Richard Grayson all alone. The scene is contemplated by Bruce Wayne, who was present during the incident.

On father's day, Dick Grayson is taken to Wayne Manor as Bruce has become Dick's guardian. However, Dick is still troubled for his parents' deaths and he gives Alfred a hard time.

Meanwhile, Tony Zucco and Eddie Skeevers realize how fortunate they are after having successfully elminated the circus' main attraction. Zucco tells Eddie that he is planning to get total control of the circus for his illegal activites, but they are still a bit worried about the Grayson kid, who might say something that would affect them.

At the GCPD Headquarters, Alberto, Sofia and Mario Falcone are being held prisoners after the Joker's attempt to murder the three of them. Commissioner Gordon and Batman believe that one of them is involved in the Joker's crimes and they are waiting for one of them to say something that would prove it. Mario and Sofia start discussing but Alberto stops them, and tells them that they should be quiet until their lawyers get them out. Gordon and Batman are surprised at Alberto's calm and just moments later, D.A. Janice Porter comes into the room and tells them that a judge has ordered the Falcones' release. Batman and Gordon try to prevent it, but Porter tells them that there is nothing they can do.

Meanwhile at Wayne Manor, Dick has entered the master bedroom, that used to belong to Thomas and Martha Wayne. Dick picks up a hairbrush before Alfred finds him. Dick explains that his mother used to have one of those and that she would use it before the shows. Alfred remembers that something similar happened with Bruce after his parents died. Bruce picked up his mother's hairbrush and remembered how she used it before going out with his father. Alfred came in and Bruce asked him what will happen to him. Alfred tried to assure Bruce that he would be raised as good as his parents would have wished, but Bruce realized that he was alone now and will always be. As Bruce left the room, sad and brooding, Alfred did nothing to help the young boy. Dick asks Alfred why did Bruce took him in and Alfred tells him about Bruce's parents. Dick realizes that they are both orphans and that he is all alone now. Trying to fix a past mistake, Alfred tells Dick that he is not alone and that he will never be again.

At the GCPD HQ, Gordon gathers the special crimes units on the rooftop and tells them that he doesn't want them involved in the hangman case anymore because of what happened to Gustavson. However, they tell Gordon that they want to keep working in the case, as they feel like they are making progress. Gordon tells them that it is fine but then he realizes that officer O'Connor wasn't present. He asks them about O'Connor and they recall that he told them that he was going to take a shower in his place and that he would meet them later in the rooftop. As they were speaking, O'Connor has been killed by the hangman killer in his own shower.

At Wayne Manor, Batman finds Dick Grayson on the ledge of the upper rooftop. Dick tells him that he knows what happened to his parents wasn't an accident and Batman tells him that he believes him, as he found traces of acid in the trapeze ropes. Eager to help Batman, Dick tells him about the "fat man" who threatened Mr. Haly some time ago. Batman promises Dick that when the time is right, he will be of some help but for now, he should go inside the house.

Later that night, Bruce visits his parents graves and tells them about Dick. He hopes that he can make a difference in the life of the boy, trying to be a father figure, just like his own father was to him.


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