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This paperback collects the highlights of writer Brian K. Vaughan's work on Batman and the DC Universe.

The first story, Close Before Striking, was illustrated by Scott McDaniel and Karl Story. It was originally published in Batman #588-#590 in April to June, 2001. In this story Batman has an unexpected meeting with the long-believed-dead Matches Malone. He grapples with his multiple identities when Matches is shot by Scarface for actions Batman committed while using his identity.

All Mimsy were the Borogoves is the second story. This story was originally published in Detective Comics #787 in December, 2003. The story was illustrated by Rick Burchett and John Lowe. In this story Batman faces the Mad Hatter and his latest deadly creation, a gigantic, flying, real-life Jabberwock.

The third story is A Piece of You from Wonder Woman #160-#161, originally published in September and October, 2000. This illustrations are by Scott Kolins and Dan Panosian. In this story Wonder Woman and Donna Troy square off against Clayface, when he tries to absorb the holy clay Wonder Woman is constructed of.

Lost Pages: Skullduggery is the fourth and final story in this paperback. This story was illustrated by Marcos Martin and Mark Pennington. Originally this story was published in Batman: Gotham City Secret Files and Origins in April, 2000. This story introduces a mysterious new villain working behind the scenes.


This paperback collects the following comic books stories:


  • This trade paperback contains an introduction by Brian K. Vaughan.
  • According to Matches it has been a decade since he last saw Batman.