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"Duplicity": Mister Fun recovers Nicholas' body from the medical examiner's officer and brings it to Celia so she can bid her final farewells as well as destroy any evidence of Dr. Excess enhancements on the Tracker. After paying her respects, Nicholas' body is cremated then Celia calls a meetin

Batman: Family #2 is an issue of the series Batman: Family (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2003. It was published on November 6, 2002.

Synopsis for "Duplicity"

Mister Fun recovers Nicholas' body from the medical examiner's officer and brings it to Celia so she can bid her final farewells as well as destroy any evidence of Dr. Excess enhancements on the Tracker. After paying her respects, Nicholas' body is cremated then Celia calls a meeting to discuss the Network's progress. Hector aka Bugg has established a city wide surveillance grid that feeds him constant intel such as the Mayor's wife having an affair with Councilman Dawson or the mayor's aide being a meth addict. Celia develops a public image by financially supporting the law enforcement or acknowledging her work force with recognition while the Network deals with any criminal factions that didn't cooperate. Those who posed a threat would be subjected to Dr. Excess' medical expertise and he would explore the endurance of their pain threshold or Mr. Fun would pay them a visit when subtlety was needed. Suicide King would help the Rossetti family rise in the criminal hierarchy while Celia would cause Wayne Enterprises stock to go up for the next two quarters. As for Freeway, he will look into GCPD's working relationship with the Batman.

Bugg has also gathered information on Batman's allies on Robin, Nightwing, Spoiler and Cassandra Cain. As for Huntress, they have learned of her obsession about eliminating organized crime members like Tiny Hildago. The Network has also determined that Orpheus operates mainly within the Four Squares District. Freeway has a run in with Spoiler after she defused a robbery with frat boys robbing a convenient store. Freeway gets inside Stephanie's head by trying to understand her motivation of being a crime fighter. Freeway speculates she is rebelling against a parent who was absent in her life due to their criminal activity. She fights criminals to prove herself and win the approval of a surrogate parent like the Batman. Freeway tells Spoiler that her efforts won't go unrecognized by his employer who is need of her services. Stephanie initially refuses Freeway's offer but she is nonetheless intrigued because she is figuring out her place within Batman's ranks. Stephanie comes home and gets into another fight with her mother.

Bruce meets with Celia who is frustrated about a land grant for performing arts center project. The grant is on hold by Eleanor Sandhurst. Celia gives Bruce a token of her gratitude for her appointment within Wayne Enterprises. The gift is an old picture of Martha Wayne. Celia goes onto say that this photograph was taken at Sandy Newport's New Year Eve's party at Arlo's. Celia reiterated her disapproval of Martha seeing Denholm Sinclair. Celia confronts Denholm when he sneaks out for a smoke. Celia tells Denholm to leave Martha alone but Denholm brushes off her demand by saying Celia has "a lot of fire in her". Celia excuses herself to the restroom where Terrence aka Freeway is waiting for her. He reports that Spoiler is interested in meeting Celia before she considers her offer.

Stephanie meets an elderly woman and Freeway at the designated rendezvous. Mrs. Eleanor Sandhurst appeals to Stephanie's ego by saying that they are women who are willing to stand up against the thugs who ruin Gotham. Celia gives Stephanie a lead on the Ruvalcaba mob's accountant who is skipping town. If the accountant testifies against Ruvalcabas, their syndicate will be dismantled and will give rise to the Rossettis. Stephanie asks why Celia has a vendetta against the Ruvalcabas. Celia gives Stephanie a fake sob story that a friend of hers was murdered in a Diamond District robbery that involved the Ruvalcabas. Stephanie calls Tim before she locates the accountant. Tim kinda shrugs Stephanie's complaints about being kept at arms length because he is examining a John Doe that may resemble Roger Sloane.

Louis Trundell was approached by the FBI to hand over state evidence that could put away Diego Ruvalcaba. Louis chose to run rather be a rat for the Feds or watch over his back for the rest o his life with Ruvalcabas. Louis meets his female companion near the docks where a boat is waiting for them. Stephanie surprises Louis while his female companion is down below loading the pantry. She hears the noise from the top deck and confronts Stephanie who is restraining Louis. Stephanie engages Louis' female companion and inadvertently rips off her wig. Stephanie is shocked to learn that Louis' companion is actually Selina Kyle. Selina knocks Stephanie into the bay and tells Louis to get into her car.

Selina and Louis head to a bus station where Louis hid the money he skimmed from the Ruvalcabas in a locker. Stephanie catches up with Selina and Louis at the bus station. Steph uses her bolas to bind Selina by her ankles and goes after Louis. Louis tries to make a run for it but he is taken by surprise from Diego Ruvalcaba's mother Louise. She pulls out an AK-47 but Steph uses one of her Spoiler boomerangs and knocks the assault rifle out of Louise's hands. Louis goes for the assault rifle and tries to kill his assassin but Selina knocks him out. Selina tells Stephanie that her bola throwing needs more work. Selina takes the locker key from Louis' pocket and hands him over to Stephanie. Selina keeps the Ruvalcaba's money and Stephanie gets her mark.

Eleanor Sandhurst rewards Stephanie for efforts. The Network watches from afar as Stephanie accepts Sandhurst's gratitude. As it turns out, the real Mrs. Sandhurst had died two months ago but her estranged family is keeping her death under wraps while they pillage her estate. This actress that Celia hired to play Mrs. Sandhurst agreed to Celia's terms because Celia promised to pay for the continued care of the actress' granddaughter who was suffering from cystic fibrosis. As for Louis Trundell, he was strong armed in cooperating with the FBI because of his violent tendencies to kill women that resembled his mother. Celia congratulates Freeway and Hector on a job well done. The next phase of the Network's plan goes into effect.

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