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"P.O.V.": At a press conference, Senator Bowman goes berserk because he was given a Venom derivative by Doctor Excess. Orpheus tries to subdue the senator with his ultrasound gauntlets. After a short brawl with Orpheus, the senator collapses and goes into cardiac arrest. Bugg calls in Freeway to

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Batman: Family #3 is an issue of the series Batman: Family (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2003. It was published on November 13, 2002.

Synopsis for "P.O.V."

At a press conference, Senator Bowman goes berserk because he was given a Venom derivative by Doctor Excess. Orpheus tries to subdue the senator with his ultrasound gauntlets. After a short brawl with Orpheus, the senator collapses and goes into cardiac arrest. Bugg calls in Freeway to hijack the paramedic's ambulance with the senator's body inside. Freeway then guides the ambulance into a gas tanker thus destroying any evidence of the Network's involvement with the senator.

Bugg reviews the evenings footage and talks to Dr. Excess about Orpheus sudden appearance on the scene. Both Bugg and Celia assume that Orpheus is a grunt that is working for the Orpheus Foundation. Bugg wonders why Dr. Excess would give the senator a Venom derivative when his influence was highly valuable to Celia. Dr. Excess prides himself on being a man of action and criticizes Bugg's need to spectate everything. Bugg responds by saying his dedication to the Network shows in his work. It took him almost a year to rig the entire city to the Network's surveillance grid and he has learn so much in a short time. Bugg has learned about the mayor and his wife's infidelity towards one another. He knows the names of every officer who is on "the take", old mobsters who make deals with lawyers to avoid jail time and Gordon's suicidal tendency which he drowns away with alcohol. Suicide King has also informed Bugg that the Rossettis have an inside man in the ATF.

Celia arrives and pulls Dr. Excess aside to discuss what transpired. Bugg feels an overwhelming sense of loyalty towards Celia because she took him in. Like a surrogate mother, Celia saw potential in Bugg after he had witnessed his parents kill each and was institutionalized. The doctors say that Bugg developed a compulsive sense of voyeurism after witnessing such a traumatic event. Celia scolds Dr. Excess on why he gave Senator Bowman a Venom derivative. Dr. Excess felt the Senator's financial backing had run its course. With the senator's connections, the Technician was provided with the stealth suit technology that made up Tracker's armor. Dr. Excess simply gave the senator a second chance at physical glory and clarity. Celia tells Dr. Excess that he will no longer make any decisions without consenting her first. She also tells the doctor to close down his clinic before Orpheus does some digging around in regards to the senator's health. Dr. Excess reluctantly agrees even though he has other experiments in play at the clinic.

In the morning, Orpheus resumes his persona as Gavin King. Gavin reads about the accident that transpired after the senator had a heart attack. Gavin then bumps into Marcus Cooper, a celebrated author within the Four Square District. Gavin asks how Mr. Cooper is faring after his return from the hospital. Mr. Cooper says he has never felt better and congratulates Gavin on his latest dance production with the Wayne Arts Foundation. Cooper is already begun writing his next book which will be a reflection of Gotham and how it has changed. Cooper takes Gavin to an abandoned lot where the Chat Noir Club once stood. Cooper remembers when he was young man that he would see Denholm Sinclair, Martha Wayne and Celia Kazantkakis at the nightclub. Cooper was happy to hear about Celia's appointment within Wayne Enterprises when he said "a sister becomes the Vice President of a multi billion dollar company". Cooper tells Gavin that Denholm disappeared for decades when he got in trouble with the Rossettis and the Falcone were expanding their territory.

Orpheus discovers that Senator Bowman was diagnosed with a degenerative brain disorder. Dr. Gustav Jaeger treated Senator Bowman for the last the six months at an expensive but experimental clinic. Orpheus finds the Jaeger-Solomon Clinic and looks through all of their files. Little does Orpheus realize that Dr. Excess is pumping a psychotropic gas into the room where Orpheus is. Fortunately, Orpheus has a respiratory system that activates when he is in danger. Dr. Excess enters the room and attacks Orpheus with his electroshock gauntlets. Dr. Excess is anxious to take Gavin alive because he has heard that the Orpheus project involved metabolic enhancements and mind control. Orpheus manages to repel Dr. Excess and jumps out of a window and onto his motorcycle. Bugg reassures Dr. Excess that he has put a tracer on Orpheus' bike.

On the other side of town, Black Canary takes on a few gang members at an arcade because she is looking for Jordan Wiley, an absentee father and husband. Canary was hired by Wiley's wife to find him. One gang member says that Wiley is working off his debt for Gregori Ulanov, a Russian bookie at the Red Star Lounge. Black Canary finds Jordan Wiley with Ulanov. Ulanov wants Wiley to eliminate Rossetti's enforcer the Suicide King. Canary grabs Wiley from behind, restrains him and tells Ulanov that Wiley will settle his debts in some other fashion. Suddenly, there came a crash from outside the lounge, Some of Ulanov's men spot Orpheus who has crashed his bike and is trying recuperate from the psychotropic effects of Dr. Excess' gas. Orpheus had apparently declared war against the Rasputin Syndicate. Black Canary tells Wiley to go home to his family and she rescues Orpheus from the Russian mobsters by using her Canary cry.

Orpheus recognizes Black Canary from her efforts during the Four Points Riots. Both Orpheus and Black Canary head back to the clinic but discover that the building has been set ablaze. Oracle does some digging around on her end and discovers that the Jaeger-Solomon Clinic belongs to a dummy Norwegian medical corporation. As for the founders of the clinic, both Curtis Jaeger and Henry Solomon died in the Amazon in 1891. Oracle also relays some troubling news to Orpheus. It seems Marcus Cooper was a patient of the elusive Dr. Excess. Orpheus heads to Marcus' home and discovers that Mr. Copper's book is finished. All of a sudden Mr. Cooper comes charging in because Dr. Excess gave him a sample of the Venom derivative. Orpheus tries to restrain Cooper but with no success. In a last desperate act, Orpheus pulls out a gun and shoots Cooper in the chest.

Cooper regains consciousness for a brief moment and forgives Gavin for what he had to do. Gavin asks why Marcus decided to go through with the treatments. Cooper replies that he just wanted the energy to finish his book. Gavin mourns the loss of Mr. Cooper and feels this overwhelming sense of disappointment that there wasn't more that he could have done to save Marcus. As for Dr. Excess, Bugg notices that the good doctor self medicates. Bugg realizes that Excess' terminal patients are simply his test subjects so he can create designer drugs for himself. Excess warns Bugg to keep this revelation to himself but Bugg brushes off his threat because if Celia finds out then Doctor Excess will be just as expendable as Senator Bowman.

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  • Jordan Wiley (Single appearance)
  • Marcus Cooper (Only appearance; dies)
  • Senator Bowman (Only appearance; dies)
  • Two-Face (On a TV or computer screen)




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