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"Identity": The Network observes Huntress taking on the American Isolationist Congress, a paramilitary fringe group. The militia was purchasing a shipment of rocket launchers from the Rossetti mob. The Technician is in love with the Huntress while everyone else observes her fighting skills. Celi

Batman: Family #4 is an issue of the series Batman: Family (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2003. It was published on November 20, 2002.

Synopsis for "Identity"

The Network observes Huntress taking on the American Isolationist Congress, a paramilitary fringe group. The militia was purchasing a shipment of rocket launchers from the Rossetti mob. The Technician is in love with the Huntress while everyone else observes her fighting skills. Celia arrives from a buyout of PanEuropa LTD in Oslo and orders Justin Quinn aka Suicide King to eliminate the Huntress. Celia figures that Huntress will make the connection between the McKenna's AIC and the Gabriel Rossetti. Celia wants Rossetti's profits protected until she siphons hundreds of millions from the Gotham's criminal underworld. Celia is well aware of Huntress' track record with taking out notable crime families like the Mandragoras, the Cassamentos, the Blood Demon Mob, the 97th Avenue Wreckers and the Golden Phoenix Tong.

Huntress pays a visit to Cesare Rossetti who lays comatose. Helena is well versed in Cesare Rossetti's rise to power. After WWII, Cesare took over the trucking unions for the five families. When war broke out between the families in the 50's, Cesare moved his operations into liquor and guns for the Tarantellas. Cesare avoided prosecution during the 60's and 70's until he was brought down on racketeering charges in the 80's. Cesare was later diagnosed with lung cancer in 1995. Cesare is now being kept in the East Wing of the Rossetti estate while his grandson Gabriel runs the business.

Helena remembers one night when Cesare Rossetti paid a visit to her father Franco when she was a little girl. Franco reported that his people have found Cesare Rossetti's son in Greece and he is living under an assumed name. Cesare's son had abandoned his wife and son in order to run off with Celia Kazantkakis as well as stealing from one of the five families. Cesare spots Helena and tells his niece that there is nothing more important than family. After telling Helena to go back to her mother, Cesare gives Franco the go ahead to find his son and recover the money.

Suicide King surprises Huntress from behind. The fight between Suicide King Huntress causes them to fall of a balcony. Suicide King tries to impale Huntress with his spear but he is stopped by Santos. Santos tells Suicide King that if he kills Huntress that will bring a lot of unwanted heat on Rossetti. Huntress acts fast by throwing a tear gas grenade at Suicide King and Rossetti's enforcers. From afar, Agent Cameron Chase and her partner Agent Straight watch as the Huntress makes her getaway and the mobsters recover from their trespasser. The DEO has an interest in the Suicide King. Director Bones wanted his agents to determine if the Rossettis have a metahuman on their payroll.

Santos later calls Batman and tells him to get the Huntress off Rossetti's back or he won't be able to help her next time. Huntress eventually learns that Rossetti has taken over Ruvalcaba's underground casino, the Midnight Dragons' drug trade and the Morovkin arms franchise. Helena starts beating answers out of Rossetti's new pit boss at the casino until Batman arrives. Batman tells Helena to no longer antagonize the Rossettis because of what he learned from the Suicide King and the Tracker when the Tracker fell to his death. Batman suspects a high stakes con that Suicide King, Tracker and others may be pulling on the Rossettis. These conspirators are building Gabriel Rossetti's empire but a time will come when they choose to take everything Gabriel has right from under him. Helena doesn't heed Batman's warning and walks off.

Suicide King reports back to Celia and Celia has some new data that could prove beneficial. Bugg has been examining Huntress' movements throughout the city and he has determined that she is Helena Bertinelli, daughter of the late Franco Bertinelli. Helena has become a third grade teacher for Gotham City. Suicide King recalls the Bertinelli massacre. Celia knows that Helena was sent to Sicily to live under the protection of the Asaros, a family of skilled assassins. Helena killed the Mandragoras for their part in the murder of her family. Celia tells Suicide King that she doesn't want Huntress killed because that could invite the Justice League. Instead, she wants Suicide King to mentally break Huntress.

Suicide King leaves Helena flowers with a message to meet him at the Bertinelli estate for a rematch. The Bertinelli estate was sold years later after the massacre to an entertainment lawyer and her banker husband. The proceeds after escrow went to Helena. Helena still remembers the horrifying moments that she witnessed when her father, her mother Maria and her little brother Pino were murdered. Helena arrives at the estate and breaks into the dining room. She finds four people unconscious around the dinner table. Suicide King appears from the shadows. He tells Helena to leave Gotham and he won't divulge what he has learned about Huntress to the authorities, the press or the mobs. Helena becomes enraged that a thug like Suicide King is blackmailing her. She lunges at Suicide King.

Suicide King continues to taunt Helena because he figures that even though she killed those responsible for murder of her family, she will never have a normal life because of the fact that she harbors a deep rooted anger towards her parents who chose to live a life of crime. Helena's anger gets the best of Suicide King so he activates his contingency plan. He left a bomb in the dining room where the unconscious family resides. Helena decides to let Suicide King run while she rescues the family. Agents Chase and Straight enter the estate. Agent Straight goes after Suicide King while Agent Chase helps Helena disarm the bomb because the family is wired to the bomb and moving them will cause the timer on the bomb to accelerate. Suicide King uses his spear to channel an energy discharge to immobilize Agent Straight while making his escape. Agent Chase disarms the bomb and radios Agent Straight to call an ambulance for the family.

Suicide King meets with Celia again at the owl aviary which is perched on the roof of the Zephyr Building. Suicide King reports that Huntress won't be leaving Gotham even though her identity is known to the Network. Celia figures that most vigilantes are not so easily intimidated. For the time being, the Network will allow Huntress to operate but the time table for their master plan must be elevated. Celia suspects that Huntress' demons will inevitably lead to her self-destruction.

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