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This trade paperback collects Batman stories in which Two-Face is the main villain and stories in which The Riddler is the main villain.

This trade paperback reprints Two-Face and Riddler stories from the following comic book issues:

(The Riddle-Less Robberies of the Riddler from March, 1966)
(The Eye of the Beholder from 1990)
(The Crimes of Two-Face from August, 1942)
(The Man Who Led a Double Life from October, 1942)
(The Riddler from October, 1948)
(The Riddler's Prison-Puzzle Problem! from July, 1968)
(Original Sins, The Killing Peck, When is a Door: The Secret Origin of The Riddler and Untitled from 1989)

  • This paperback begins with an introduction by Mark Hamill.
  • This paperback ends with an index of Two-Face's appearances and an index of Riddler's appearances in comics.

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