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"No Exit": Alfred travels back to Gotham City to attend to Bruce's hearing for the murder of Vesper Fairchild and on his way to the city, Alfred listens to every kind of opinions people have about

Quote1.png You mean, he hasn't told you anything at all about that ni--? I see. Well, then. We'll simply have to find out for ourselves, won't we? Quote2.png
Alfred Pennyworth

Batman: Gotham Knights #25 is an issue of the series Batman: Gotham Knights (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2002. It was published on January 16, 2002.

Synopsis for "No Exit"

Alfred travels back to Gotham City to attend to Bruce's hearing for the murder of Vesper Fairchild and on his way to the city, Alfred listens to every kind of opinions people have about the news about the incident; which makes him really unhappy. Alfred arrives at Gotham and he comes across Dick Grayson, who is waiting for him at the train station and together they go to Bruce's hearing.

The media also appears in the courthouse but they aren't allowed to enter the hearing. Meanwhile, the news and TV programs keep trying to get information about the case and showcasing people's opinions about Wayne.

When Alfred gets in the room, Bruce is already standing along with his lawyer, the District Attorney and the judge. The hearing considers the City of Gotham versus Bruce Wayne for the charges on murder in first degree, conspiracy to commit murder and attempted rape. The D.A. recommends the judge to hold Bruce Wayne without bail and Ms. Green, Bruce's lawyer, tries to get Bruce released of police custody but the judge agrees with the D.A. Bruce is going to be held in Blackgate Penitentiary until the trial. Ms. Green requests a second hearing and it is approved but Bruce has to wait in Blackgate until that moment. As Bruce exits the hearing room, Sasha Bordeaux enters next for her hearing. Alfred approaches Ms. Green and gives her a case with five million dollars to try her best getting Bruce out of jail the next hearing.

As soon as Alfred steps outside the room, the press "attacks" him with questions. Dick rescues him from the avalanche of reporters and they discuss the situation outside. Neither of them is sure what happened at Wayne Manor as Bruce haven't told them anything and Alfred decides that it is up to them to discover the truth.

Hours later in Blackgate, Bruce is visited by Barbara, who offers her services as attorney to represent Bruce in the next hearing because she has studied and graduated with a master of laws at Harvard University. However, Bruce refuses the help and tells her that she is going to be needed elsewhere. Barbara understands and she tells Bruce that she is going to be waiting for his command. The guards take Bruce away from the visits area and into his cell in Blackgate.

Bruce is behind bars and the night call starts as the lights are turned off in the facility.

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Synopsis for "Last Call at McSurley's"

McSurley's is a nightclub owned by McSurley and is used by almost all the lowlifes in Gotham City as a den for planning and sharing secrets about their latest hits. The place is visited by Bruce Wayne often disguised as Matches Malone, a janitor, a sailor and many other disguises, where he watches closely to many other thugs, gangster and crooks of all kind.

Certain day, McSurley received a letter that he decided not to open despite his assistant Sherri's advice. Meanwhile, Bruce listens carefully to the many conversations going on in the bar. And every time he notices something wrong going on, he follows the people involved and in the shadows he changes into Batman. That way, Batman has been able to stop street muggers, bank robbers and child kidnappers and all the stories have been featured in the Gotham Gazette.

However, McSurley decides to open the letter and realizes that it is a note of closure because of nonpayment of taxes and it's due the next day. Sherri gives him the usual "I told you" while Bruce learns about the situation and calls Alfred and tells him to bring ten thousand dollars to the bar. Moments later, McSurley is surprised to see that he has gained enough money to pay his taxes and he is filled with joy as is Sherri.

Later in the Batcave, Alfred asks Bruce under what expenses is to be considered the withdrawal of the money and Bruce replies that it is for "flypaper"; a word that would only make sense to him and in the meantime he cut pieces of newspaper with his latest heroic deeds as a result of his undercover work at McSurley's.

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This comic issue is a part of the Bruce Wayne: Murderer? and Bruce Wayne: Fugitive story that went through every Batman Family title in 2002. Bruce Wayne was framed for the murder of his love interest Vesper Fairchild and forced to go on the run from the law so he could prove his innocence. This adventure almost completely compromised his identity from the inside.