"Bad News": This story is reprinted from Villains Giant #1.

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Killer Croc

Batman: Gotham Nights #14 is a chapter in the digital-first series Batman: Gotham Nights (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of July, 2020.

Synopsis for "Bad News"

This story is reprinted from Villains Giant #1.

Slade has been hired for a job in Metropolis, a city he hates because it is protected by the always optimistic Superman who makes it hard for any villain to pull off a job. This however means he can charge more for his work. As he lands at the port, he learns that he will be paid 3 million dollars if he succeeds and his target is a photographer who took a photo that could jail a politician in their pocket. Deathstroke then proceeds to set off a massive explosion near the Daily Planet, so his work isn't interrupted by Superman.

Sommariva's goons offer to assist him, but Slade rejects their offer stating he works alone and they're like amateurs who can't handle a young photographer. Asking from them about his target's identity, he learns that it's Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy while running away encounters a police boat docked at the port and requests a couple of officers to help him. They soon learn who's after him and get killed. Jimmy calls out to Superman for help, but Deathstroke mocks him stating he isn't coming since he'll be busy in helping others.

Supergirl comes in way of Slade's katana as he tries to stab Jimmy, leading to it being broken, and asks Jimmy if he is alright. Slade however had prepared for battling a Kryptonian and opens a gas grenade containing a mixture of kryptonite and lead, before firing towards Jimmy who is saved by Kara. As the gas dissipates, Jimmy discovers that Slade destroyed his camera with his broken katana before fleeing.

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Synopsis for "Monster"

Killer Croc feels annoyed that the bank guards won't listen to him by simply staying in their place and are instead attacking them. As he proceeds to neutralize all of them, he warns the bank manager to do as he asked and hand him the bank's money. As she promises to cooperate she recognizes him as Waylon. Getting confused as to how she knows him, he remembers that she's Julie, whom he used to know many years ago when he was young.

When he was a kid, Waylon was put on display at the circus sideshow in Coney Island because of his condition. A bunch of kids made fun of him and one of them started throwing popcorn at him, but he was stopped by Julie. The boy threatened to hit her, but was punched by her instead and ran away. She asked Waylon if he was okay and he stated he wasn't hurt, but Julie stated she was asking if he was emotionally fine as people verbally abuse others often at the sideshow. She told him to remember he's not a monster unlike what others believed him to be. He thanked Julie for always being there for him and stated he tries not to listen to what others say about him, knowing who he really was.

Julie's father soon came back and stated Waylon was nothing more than a freak about whom he had told her to not interact with. He also informs that the parents of the kid she punched have threatened to file a lawsuit before taking her away and telling her she's risking herself over a freak. Back in the present, Croc states he still remembers her and had tried to find her for many years. Julie states she knows what she has become and had felt sympathy for him when we has was shabbily treated as a kid, but he wasn't who she thought she was. Instead he became the monster everyone claimed him to be. Unable to respond, he decides to leave with the money.

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