"Bad Actors": This story is reprinted from Batman Giant (Volume 2) #1.

Batman: Gotham Nights #2 is a chapter in the digital-first series Batman: Gotham Nights (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of April, 2020.

Synopsis for "Bad Actors"

This story is reprinted from Batman Giant (Volume 2) #1.

Batman is chasing after Dillon yates, a movie star wanted for murder, and stops his car using the Batmobile's power winch. As Yates claims innocence, Batman tells him to explain it to the judge. Later on the roof of GCPD Headquarters, Batman expresses doubts about Yates being involved in the murder of a film studio head, explaining that the gun used in the crime had no prints and he was recorded being at two places at the same time.

Since the studio head owned the Gotham Grand movie palace now scheduled for demolition and over which passion had run high previously before, Batman decides to investigate. After he leaves, Gordon notices a rookie cop was watching the two and states he's one of the few who have ever seen Batman suddenly leave while he is talking with his back turned. As Gordon leaves, it turns out the rookie is in fact Clayface in disguise.

At Hotel Aventine, the scene of the murder, Batman collects samples and finds out that the murderer's true identity. While investigating the Gotham Grand, he comes across Basil Karlo and reveals he knew he was behind the murder since Gotham Grand was where his first film premiered, but doesn't understand why he implicated Yates. Clayface states that Yates deserved it for treating his friend very badly and also treats his female co-stars the same way.

Clayface reveals he had rigged the theatre with explosives and Batman figures out that many things kept there are flammable after Karlo triggers the bomb. Batman asks him why he is committing suicide while trying to kill him, but Karlo states he is beyond caring due to his condition. After destroying a wall to escape, Batman tries to persuade Clayface to escape but he rejects it and Batman is knocked out of theatre due to the roof collapsing.

Batman investigates the destroyed theatre after the fire has been doused, discovering what he believes to Clayface's corpse that had been baked solid. Investigating further however, he learns that its just his outer layer and he had escaped through a hatch. Batman however believes that Karlo still wants to do some good after remembering he said that he was taking off two monsters from the streets, regardless of how perverted his morality is.

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