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"A Flip of the Coin": This story is reprinted from Batman Giant (Volume 2) #3.

Batman: Gotham Nights #9 is a chapter in the digital-first series Batman: Gotham Nights (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of June, 2020.

Synopsis for "A Flip of the Coin"

This story is reprinted from Batman Giant (Volume 2) #3.

Harvey is tired of compulsively making his decisions using his coin, but this time it's the most important decision of his life. He reminisces that he flipped it earlier when he robbed a bank, after which he was caught by Batman. He also flipped it when he met the Arkham Asylum guard Anna and both quickly developed a mutual attraction, which eventually led to a romance.

He planned to escape with Anna and thinks about moving to Mexico, get his face reconstructed, get professional help and start a family while leaving his criminal past behind. When Anna comes to help him escape, he initially doesn't to decide whether to escape with her using the coin, but eventually gives in. After making a flip, he murders her and escapes from the asylum, but is eventually confronted by Batman.

Appearing in "A Flip of the Coin"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Anna (Flashback and main story) (Only appearance; dies)


  • Batman (Flashback and main story) (Shadow only)

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "Joker's Wild aka “Whacha Got in the Trunk?”"

This story is reprinted from Batman Giant (Volume 2) #5.

The story starts with Joker coming up to Tony Finks, the owner of all comedy clubs in Gotham and later holding him at gunpoint after stating the he knew him once. The Joker reminisces that he was an aspiring comedian who got the chance to perform at one of his comedy clubs named Awkward Smiles. During a performance by another comedian, Tony made him deliver chicken strips to a customer, warning he won't be able to perform otherwise. As another customer demanded chicken strips, Joker who felt humiliated assured he will bring them.

During his performance, the Joker states that he used to be a family doctor but is currently unemployed and was also an orphan. As he tries to make a joke about his forgetfulness and asks the audience what he can't remember, the customer who demanded his order earlier states chicken strips. The Joker then tells Tony to put on handcuffs while he reminds him that he had promised him a performance in a month at Joker's Wild, the premier comedy club in Gotham, after telling him he needed to act like a joker instead of focusing on jokes as what matters is what someone's got under their hood.

The Joker spent the next month trying to act properly like a joker based on Tom's advice, but when the tine came he found out that Tom didn't even schedule him to perform at Joker's Wild. After having flopped at his comedy career and being evicted, he decided to bomb himself in his car, but it was towed away to the impound lot next to the Awkward Smiles comedy club. During one of his performances, he told people to not laugh at him as he knew he was a failure and his car with the dynamite had been towed, But after stating they needed to be careful whose car they tow, he bombed the impound lot and was hailed as a legend by the club's patrons.

Joker while getting Tony inside his car's trunk tells him that he was right that this cruel world needs a joker, but what really matters is what one has got in the trunk and not under the hood. After locking him inside the turnk, the Joker drives away in the car.

Appearing in "Joker's Wild aka “Whacha Got in the Trunk?”"

Featured Characters:


  • Tony Finks (Flashback and main story)

Other Characters:


  • Gotham City (Flashback and main story)
    • Awkward Silences comedy club (Flashback only)
    • Joker's Wild comedy club (Flashback and main story)


  • Katie Kubert states in the comic that the origin story "Joker's Wild aka “Whacha Got in the Trunk?”" is likely untrue and only tells a legend about him, having been distorted by people after being passed down from person to person.


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