This paperback collects three storylines: Azrael: Three Mysteries, Azrael: The Tears of God, and Batman: Judgment on Gotham. The first two storylines were originally published as the last two storylines from the comic book series Azrael from January to May, 2011. Those storylines were written by David Hine and illustrated by Cliff Richards. The Batman: Judgment on Gotham storyline is a Batman crossover event written by David Hine, Fabian Nicieza and Peter Calloway with illustrations by Guillem March, Freddie E. Williams II and Andres Guinaldo. It was originally published in the comic book series Batman, Gotham City Sirens and Red Robin, in May and June, 2011.

In these storylines Azrael brings together his Angels of Death and invades Gotham City. It's up to three members of the Batman family - Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and Selina Kyle - to prove to the vengeful group that Gotham is worth saving. But their own personal pasts might not make them the examples of purity and virtue needed to save the city.

This paperback collects the following comic books:

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