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This paperback collects a part of the Knightquest storyline. Knightquest is a Batman storyline published as part of the Batman: Knightfall trilogy. It was written by Chuck Dixon, Jo Duffy, Alan Grant, and Doug Moench, with illustrations by Jim Balent, Bret Blevins, Vincent Giarrano, Tom Grummett, Barry Kitson, Mike Manley, and Graham Nolan.

Knightquest is the second installment in the Batman: Knightfall trilogy, which also includes Knightfall and KnightsEnd. The story Knightquest, which was published between October, 1993 and June, 1994, consist of two arcs: Knightquest: The Crusade and Knightquest: The Search. This paperback collects the first arc, but only a small part of the Knightquest: The Search arc.


This paperback collects the following comic books: