This hardcover Batman collection is the first volume to collect the Batman stories illustrated by Jim Aparo. It contains the Jim Aparo illustrated stories that were published in The Brave and the Bold from November, 1971 to October, 1975.

This collection reprints stories from the following comic book issues:

(Mansion of the Misbegotten! from November, 1971)
(The Warrior in a Wheel-Chair from March, 1972)
(Cold Heart, Hot Gun! from May, 1972)
(The Commune of Defiance from July, 1972)
(Second Chance for Deadman? from December, 1972)
(Play Now... Die Later! from February, 1973)
(Double Your Money -- and Die! from April, 1973)
(The 3-Million Dollar Sky from July, 1973)
(The Night Batman Sold His Soul! from September, 1973)
(Gotham Bay, Be My Grave! from October, 1973)
(A Very Special Spy! from December, 1973)
(Death Has the Last Laugh from March, 1974)
(The Impossible Escape from April, 1974)
(The 50-Story Killer! from July, 1974)
(Last Jet To Gotham from August, 1974)
(The Corpse That Wouldn't Die! from October, 1974)
(Grasp of the Killer Cult from December, 1974)
(Nightmare Without End! from February, 1975)
(May the Best Man Die! from April, 1975)
(Bring Back Killer Krag! from June, 1975)
(The Earth is Mine from July, 1975)
(The Doomsday Express from September, 1975)
(The Hour of the Beast from October, 1975)

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