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"Siege, Part Two: Assault": The Demons and the Skulls, two gangs, are involved in a gun fight under a bridge when Batman swoops in and defeats both gangs in an instant. He then goes to find the gangs' weapon supplier, who is doing drugs in his mansion with two women,

Quote1.png There's war in Gotham City. Perhaps where crime is concerned, there always has been. But seldom this open, this rabid. A madness seeping into every stratum of criminal society. Escalating like a plague, threating to surpass even the horror that created me. Quote2.png

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #133 is an issue of the series Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2000.

Synopsis for "Siege, Part Two: Assault"

The Demons and the Skulls, two gangs, are involved in a gun fight under a bridge when Batman swoops in and defeats both gangs in an instant. He then goes to find the gangs' weapon supplier, who is doing drugs in his mansion with two women, all of them scantily clad.

In the GCPD Headquarters, the three of them are being processed alongside the gang members, but Commissioner Gordon does not believe it will do any good. The supplier's lawyer will get him released, and there are hundreds of suppliers out there and more buyers, even more than there were before.

The next morning, Gordon is having breakfast with the mayor and Silver St. Cloud, who has convinced the mayor to okay Colonel Brass's convention for mercenaries. Gordon thinks it is a bad idea, but the mayor says the gang war is scaring away business. The one thing mercenaries aren't is afraid, and maybe a successful convention will convince others that Gotham is safe. Silver shows Gordon her plans for the event's security, which impress him, as the restaurant's maitre d' notices Bruce in disguise and escorts the unfamiliar man off the premises.

Bruce retreats to the Batcave in the Wayne Foundation, but his injury and the bad coffee force him to leave the Batcave and search for Alfred. He has to go all the way to Wayne Manor to find Alfred staring up at the portrait of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Alfred believes Bruce moved to the Wayne Foundation because he was fleeing his past, and he says Bruce's grandfather Jack constructed Wayne Manor to be a constant.

Nightbird drives Colonel Brass into Gotham City and drops him off at an abandoned monorail station where he meets his other partner Priest. They climb to the top where Oates and Strother are hiding weapons underneath garbage. The four discuss their plan to distract Batman and Gordon with the gang wars while they make a fortune looting Gotham with the mercenaries Brass has hired. Priest appreciates his plan, but he wishes he had the opportunity to fight Batman himself.

Bruce runs into Silver St. Cloud at the Wayne Foundation, and she admits that she deliberately came by to see him. He confronts her about the suddenness of their breakup. Silver suggests they try again, but Bruce is distracted by the Bat-Signal and walks away.

In the Batcave, Alfred tells Bruce that a sensor went off at one of the mob-affiliated legitimate businesses he keeps watch on, a waste disposal plant owned by the Abandazi family. Batman stops an attempt by the Abandazis' enemy gang to blow up their property and frame them for arson, preventing them from using the plant and from collecting the insurance money.

As Colonel Brass and Nightbird move to enact their plan, he remembers how he became aware of the Spur Line... As a child on the streets, he came to the attention of Jack Wayne by getting into fights with his bribed police officers, and Jack hired him as a "soldier" who kept an eye on Jack's slum building project, even exposing his site manager for stealing materials. Jack took a shine to Brass, comparing him negatively to his less athletic and more compassionate son Thomas. But eventually, Brass began to go too far.

In the present, Brass and his followers arrive in an abandoned monorail station underneath the convention center where Silver is finishing up her preparations. Brass's appearance surprises her, but he says he has only come for a once-over and that she should leave to get some rest.

Silver goes, but as she leaves, she remembers that there's only one way in or out--and the guard on duty should have informed her of a surprise visitor. She is prepared to write it off as sloppiness when she overhears Brass and Strother talking, discussing how they entered through the Spur Line stop underneath. Brass reminisces that even back then, Jack Wayne disapproved of how he used the Spur Line.

Two of Brass's men--disguised as security guards--notice her, and they attempt to grab her. Silver manages to escape and run to the Wayne Foundation. She asks the security guard on duty to get her Bruce, but it's Brass.

He yanks her over the security desk, which gives Silver the chance to slam her hand down on the buttons and set off the alarm, which rings throughout the building.

Appearing in "Siege, Part Two: Assault"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Colonel Brass (Flashback and main story)
    • Nightbird
    • Priest
    • Oates
    • Strother
  • Demons (gang)
  • Skulls (gang)

Other Characters:

  • Thomas Wayne (Flashback only)
  • Martha Wayne (In a photograph only)
  • Jack Wayne (Flashback only)
  • Detective Loeb (Flashback only)
  • Smith (Flashback only)
  • Nelson (maitre d') (Single appearance)
  • Harry (Single appearance)





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