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"Shaman - Book Two": Six months after Batman started his crusade, two Gotham City police officers, Al Kelly and Jimmy Fong, stumble upon the Chubala Cult in the middle of a human sacrifice. Kelly is killed and Fong barely escapes with his life.

Quote1.png I do believe you've splashed Sulfuric acid on the Chippendale table. Personally, I prefer to use Lemon Pledge. Ah, well, what's a priceless antique in the pursuit of science? Quote2.png
Alfred Pennyworth

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #2 is an issue of the series Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1989.

Synopsis for "Shaman - Book Two"

Six months after Batman started his crusade, two Gotham City police officers, Al Kelly and Jimmy Fong, stumble upon the Chubala Cult in the middle of a human sacrifice. Kelly is killed and Fong barely escapes with his life. The nect day, Captain James Gordon arrives on the scene, but the cult members have long since fled. Bruce Wayne arrives shortly afterwards and Gordon summarizes the recent events.

Bruce recalls the name "Chubala" as it was the last word spoken by Tina Wilson shortly before she took her own life. He decides to investigate further to see what the connection is.

At night, Bruce attends an Alaskan Exhibition with his date and there, he meets Dr. Madison Spurlock, an anthropologist from the Gotham University. Bruce had told Madison the Native American folk tale that he learned while recovering in Alaska and this knowledge allowed Spurlock to gain notoriety, although he has been spreading the lie that he learned the tale from natives. At the exhibit, Bruce also meets Spurlock's assistant, Bennet Young.

Later that night, Bruce drops his date at her place and quickly changes into Batman to start the investigation of the Chubala cult. Batman goes to the Gotham Central Hospital to check on the injured police officer and he listens to the man muttering something about human sacrifice. Once outside, Batman finds a grouo pf the cultists on the rooftop of the Hospital, with the intent of finishing off officer Fong. Batman takes them down and quickly apprehends them, leaving them bound to a streetlamp for the police.

Batman had examined the cultists' pockets and retrieved large amounts of money as well as a strange substance that was seemingly drugs. Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce examines the evidence on an improvised laboratory placed in one of the oldest rooms in the manor. Because of Alfred's disapproval, he and Bruce start exploring the caverns beneath the Manor at first hour in the morning. After finding a large enough cavern, Bruce decides that it will make an ideal base of operations. Moments later, he receives a phone call from Bennet Young, with an urgent message to meet with him. Elsewhere, the cultists' fine has been paid by Chubala, the shaman, but when they return to him, he kills one of them as a warning for upcoming failures.

Before going to Young, Bruce decides to make a quick stop at the GCPD Headquarters, disguised as a shoeshiner in order to ask Gordon any information about the cultists that were apprehended the last night. Gordon tells him that all of them were from Santa Prisca, although they had changed their real names. Afterwards, Bruce goes to the exhibit, but when he arrives, he finds Bennet Young with a spear sticking out of his chest. His dying words are "Baat... Man..."

Appearing in "Shaman - Book Two"

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  • Thomas Woodley (First appearance)

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  • This issue is reprinted in the Batman: Shaman trade paperback.
  • The events from this issue are said to take place six months after Bruce Wayne first becomes Batman, which would place it in October. However, this is impossible, as James Gordon is a Captain in this issue. Gordon doesn't achieve a Captain's rank until after the events of Batman: Year One. Chronologically, this issue likely takes place in either November or December.
  • Batman and James Gordon chronologically appeared last in Batman #407.
  • Alfred Pennyworth chronologically appeared last in Batman Chronicles #19.


  • This issue makes a reference to the Caribbean Island of Santa Prisca. Santa Prisca is the place of birth of the super-villain known as Bane.
  • Alfred Pennyworth refers to Bruce's great-grandfather building Wayne Manor. Bruce's great-grandfather was Kenneth Wayne, who was not born until well after final construction on Wayne Manor. Family progenitor Darius Wayne was responsible for securing the land and building the house (although he would pass away before completing the project).[1]
    • Later stories established that Wayne Manor was actually built by Alan Wayne, rendering this version apocryphal.[2]

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