This paperback collects two storylines from the comic book series Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight: Destiny and The Sleeping.

Destiny was written by Bo Hampton and Mark Kneece. It was illustrated by Bo Hampton. It was published in August, 1992 in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight.

The Sleeping was written and illustrated by Scott Hampton. It was published from October to December, 1995 in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight. In this storyline Bruce Wayne is involved in a deadly car accident. He falls into a life-threatening coma. Awakening in a dream realm, Batman finds himself surrounded by other coma victims trying to find their way to their bodies. Facing mental and physical challenges on his quest to regain consciousness, the Dark Knight learns of the life that Bruce Wayne would have enjoyed had his alter ego never existed. Now as Batman straddles life and death, he must decide between returning to a reality of darkness and vengeance or staying in a realm of unrealized love and contentment.

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