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"Batman: Rebirth": Alfred Pennyworth picks an avocado off a tree at Wayne Manor. Alfred answers the doorbell of the manor where Duke Thomas asks Alfred about "the offer".

Quote1 I once tried to talk your father into coming into the business. Told him being a doctor drives you crazy. Whatever you do, people just get sick again. You make no progress. [...] In a dark voice, he said, "you're right, Lucius, I am crazy. But the sick need someone crazy enough to believe they can be better. So what else could I be?" Quote2
Lucius Fox

Batman: Rebirth #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of August, 2016. It was published on June 1, 2016.

Synopsis for "Batman: Rebirth"

Alfred Pennyworth picks an avocado off a tree at Wayne Manor. Alfred answers the doorbell of the manor where Duke Thomas asks Alfred about "the offer".

On Monday, during the Spring, Batman fights and defeats Calendar Man, trying to prevent him from releasing deadly spores into the air. Batman is informed by Jim Gordan that the spores had already been released. Batman has Alfred activate an electrical charge in his bat suit to destroy the spores.

The next day, Tuesday, is Summer. Bruce Wayne trains on the helipad of Wayne Tower where Lucius Fox informs him that he was able to regain control of the company and the Wayne family funds from a government lien. Lucius recounts attempting to convince Bruce's father, Thomas Wayne, to quit being a doctor and to focus on the business. Lucius advised that being a doctor drives you crazy, since there will always be more sick people. Thomas said that sick people need someone to believe they can get better.

Wednesday it's Fall. Bruce Wayne and Duke Thomas look at an image of Calendar Man showing that he has aged significantly. Since Calendar Man dies and is reborn with the seasons, Bruce Wayne concludes that Calendar Man has activated a mechanism to speed up the seasons in order to hatch hidden spores during the Spring the following day. Duke tells Bruce that he doesn't need a place to live and doesn't think Batman needs a Robin. Bruce reveals a new costume and tells Duke he doesn't plan on training him to be Robin, but something new.

Thursday, during the Winter, Batman dives into freezing water to search for Calendar Man's season altering device. Batman manages to survive the extreme conditions for six minutes and destroy the device.

Friday it is Spring again, and the Calendar Man is reborn as a young man. Bruce and Duke train by kicking a tree. Duke tells Bruce that Calendar Man will just come back, with new ideas. Bruce responds by telling Duke that they'll have new ideas as well. Alfred picks another avocado off a tree, he splits it in half and drops it down a hole where it is eaten by bats.

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  • Among the many vehicles stored in the Batcave is the Tumbler version of the Batmobile which appears in the Dark Knight Trilogy of films. It later appears again in Batman (Volume 3) #13.
  • Various suits of the past from Batman's allies appear alongside what is likely Jason Todd's Robin uniform in the Batcave. The standard dinosaur and giant joker playing card also appear.
  • Calendar man appears to be using the Cryolator, an ice based weapon from the videogame Fallout 4.

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