"Paved": Batman is shocked by the sudden death of the man he was fighting. The other members of Perfect Security descend on him with their exo-skeletons and attack. They try to arrest Batman, as they have this "murder" on video tape. Bruce returns to Wayne Manor,

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The Riddler

Batman: Run, Riddler, Run #2 is an issue of the series Batman: Run, Riddler, Run (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 1992.

Appearing in "Paved"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Perfect Security
    • Friedrich "Fritz" Olmstedt
  • The Riddler

Other Characters:

  • Jocko (Single appearance)
  • The Joker (Cameo)
  • Mister Damroth (Mentioned only)
  • Olin Bourg (Mentioned only)
  • Pete Popley (Mentioned only)
  • Satoru (Appears only as a corpse)
  • Seiji (Perfect Security)
  • Shinji (Perfect Security)




Synopsis for "Paved"

Batman is shocked by the sudden death of the man he was fighting. The other members of Perfect Security descend on him with their exo-skeletons and attack. They try to arrest Batman, as they have this "murder" on video tape. Bruce returns to Wayne Manor, where Alfred agrees that Batman must lay low for awhile.

Fritz Olmstedt, leader of Perfect Security, shows this video to Commissioner Gordon and Mayor Lieberman. Gordon argues with them, but Lieberman agrees that Batman is a criminal. Gordon tells them that Batman was simply responding to a message sent by the Riddler. Olmstedt runs a smear campaign in the news, suggesting that Batman and the Riddler are in cahoots. Perfect Security begins brutally interrogating criminals to locate the Riddler. This includes torturing suspects and gunning down bystanders.

Roberta Cifuentes avoids prison when a mysterious benefactor, clearly Bruce Wayne, covers her legal fees. She returns to the housing projects so she can organize a demonstration against New Gotham. They plan to occupy one of the buildings scheduled for demolition. Batman arrives and asks her to stop, but Roberta refuses. Batman asks why she is trying so hard to save a cancerous neighborhood. Roberta replies that this is not about criminal justice, it is about social justice. Bruce Wayne cautions Donna DiForza that she cannot control Fritz Olmstedt. Fritz bursts in, and demands that they figure out who got Cifuentes released. Roberta Cifuentes uses a fake gun to get into the building, and stages a massive protest.

The Riddler sends a video to the news explaining that Batman has been framed for murder. He gives a riddle that sends Batman around the city trying to find him. The Riddler worries that he will be found and killed by Fritz before Batman can solve the riddles. Batman calls the Riddler, and asks him to just say where he is. The Riddler angrily refuses, insisting that this would not be any fun. Perfect Security arrives first, with plans to shoot the Riddler and claim he was "resisting arrest." Batman arrives just in time to save the Riddler. They escape in the Batmobile, and he takes the Riddler to a warehouse. The Riddler reveals that he has incriminating tapes of Fritz. However, he cannot figure out a suitable riddle for giving them to Batman. Batman leaves the Riddler to go to the protest.

Perfect Security marches through the police officers, intending to open fire on the protesters. Batman tells Gordon to hold Olmstedt off while he arranges a meeting between DiForza and Cifuentes. DiForza is outraged that Bruce helped Cifuentes, but she agrees to the meeting. Fritz has a huge argument with DiForza, and she threatens to launch an investigation into his Stasi past.

The Riddler calls Joker on the phone to brag about hanging out with Batman. Batman returns to retrieve him. The Riddler promises he didn't steal anything, because that would ruin the fun of being "Batman's sidekick." Fritz decides to completely disobey DiForza, and has Perfect Security prepare for war.

Donna DiForza and Roberta Cifuentes finally meet. They are both prepared to make compromises. However, Perfect Security blows a hole in the wall and attacks. Fritz explains that he will use her as a martyr for the cause. He will tell everyone that she was kidnapped, slaughter the kidnappers when they "resist arrest," and give her brain damage so she cannot tell the world. Batman swings through and rescues DiForza. They try to escape as the tenements collapse around them. Batman personally gets into a fight with Fritz. The Riddler is also hunted down by these soldiers. He chooses a hiding spot under a fallen object, and doesn't realize in the dark that he is on elevated train tracks. Batman leaves Fritz to save the Riddler, angrily stating that this is because he needs the Riddler. The Riddler replies that Batman would do this no matter what, and that's what makes him so much fun. Batman is apparently hit and killed by the train. Fritz holds up his tattered cape.


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