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"The God of Fear: Part Two of Three": Scarecrow deploys some of his troops with instructions to strike at precisely 11 o'clock. However, before moving on, his focus settles on the boy who earlier accused him of killing his father. The boy explains that his father P

Quote1.png I'm against anything that's against people! Cruelty-- Brutality-- Exploitation... These are the enemies of the people-- the enemies of Anarky! Quote2.png

Batman: Shadow of the Bat #17 is an issue of the series Batman: Shadow of the Bat (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1993.

Synopsis for "The God of Fear: Part Two of Three"

Scarecrow deploys some of his troops with instructions to strike at precisely 11 o'clock. However, before moving on, his focus settles on the boy who earlier accused him of killing his father. The boy explains that his father Paul Herold had been shot by Scarecrow. Scarecrow realizes that the man was his first victim, and that he had intended to steal the man's collection of antiquarian books. He decides not to do pass up the opportunity, and drags the boy along as he makes to steal those books, finally.

On the streets of Gotham City, Batman violently beats two thugs, warning them that if he sees them out on the streets at night again, he will beat them more, whether they've done wrong or not. Afterwards, he hears over a police scanner that the Scarecrow is on the move.

On the scene at Gotham University, Harvey Bullock and Renée Montoya of the GCPD question the Dean, noting the Scarecrow's obvious involvement. Montoya discovers a tape addressed to the Batman, and Bullock insists that they play it anyway, unaware that Batman is already in the room. On the tape, Scarecrow promises that by the end of the night one million people will be affected by his fear toxin, and worship him as the god of fear. Suddenly, the tape stutters, and Batman leaps into action just in time to prevent the detectives from being caught in an explosion as it self-destructs. Before leaving, Batman demands a list of the missing students.

In an alley, Anarky observes a motorcycle gang called the Anti-Batz terrorizing some citizens, expressing disgust that even the gangs identify themselves with reference to the Batman, whom he blames for all the crime in Gotham. Anarky takes out the gang members, declaring that their methods are against the people, and therefore, he is against them. His experience with the gang only solidifies his desire to take out Batman.

As Scarecrow loots Herold's father's antiquarian library, he offers to explain the story of how he was killed. As a young boy, Jonathan Crane had loved causing fear, and had also loved to read. Eventually the two interests combined such that he began an intense study of fear, and became a professor of psychology. After overhearing some colleagues questioning his methods of teaching and likening his physique to a scarecrow's, he decided to use the scarecrow as his symbol, and became a villain. He hired himself out to a business man whose partner was Paul Herold. Herold was suing Scarecrow's employer, and refused to drop the suit, so Crane shot him.

After finishing his story, Scarecrow reveals his plan to have six Scarecrows (seven including Ms. Stopes) release fear gas across Gotham in venues where it will affect large volumes of people. As the clock strikes ten, the gas is released, and people all over the city are consumed by their worst fears.

Anarky sneaks up on Scarecrow, attacking and subduing him. Unfortunately, after removing the mask, he discovers that it is merely one of the six students Crane hypnotized into doing his bidding. Meanwhile, Batman attempts to save some citizens from a fire caused by the outbreak of the fear gas. He soon realizes that it's no simple fire, and that all of the people have been affected by the toxin. He is suddenly distracted by a huge hologram of the Scarecrow calling on the citizens to worship him as the god of fear by midnight, or the city dies. Anarky also sees the Scarecrow's message, and forms a plan to take out Batman and Crane in one easy move.

Appearing in "The God of Fear: Part Two of Three"

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Other Characters:

  • Paul Herold (Dies in flashback)
  • Phil Herold






  • This issue recreates Scarecrow's origin story, which is taken directly from World's Finest #3; Scarecrow's first appearance.

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