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"Bruce Wayne - Two: A Day in the Death of an English Village": Bruce Wayne is on his way to Monkleigh Hall to meet Benedict Asp, the last and only connection to Shondra Kinsolving's whereabouts. While

Quote1.png Life was harder then--but there was a sense of belonging that's been lost in modern times. Everyone knew who he was, what his place was in the scheme of things. Quote2.png
Alfred Pennyworth

Batman: Shadow of the Bat #22 is an issue of the series Batman: Shadow of the Bat (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1993.

Synopsis for "Bruce Wayne - Two: A Day in the Death of an English Village"

Bruce Wayne is on his way to Monkleigh Hall to meet Benedict Asp, the last and only connection to Shondra Kinsolving's whereabouts. While Alfred drives him to the place, Bruce disguises himself as an English aristocrat by the name of Sir Hemingford Gray to avoid recognition. On their way, they witness a fox-hunting chase that is disrupted by some "hunt saboteurs"; and as things get raw between the hunters and the saboteurs, Bruce interferes and puts an end to the discussion. One of the saboteurs is unmasked by Bruce and identifies himself as George Cross. Just as he is leaving he glances towards Alfred with suspicion. Bruce recognizes the way Cross moved and deduces he is actually Hood, the British vigilante. Hoping that Hood didn't recognize Alfred or that he has not read the file on Asp, they continue on their way to Monkleigh Hall.

At that moment, Shondra is performing the same healing act over and over until Asp decides to let her rest, and locks her away with Jack Drake. Bruce arrives at Monkleigh and introduces himself to Asp as Sir Hemingford Gray, previous owner of Monkleigh and requests for admittance at the night's Ball. While doing so, he places a bug transmitter in Asp's living room. With a formal invitation to the Ball, Bruce leaves to further listen to Asp's activities from distance.

Meanwhile inside Monkleigh, in the secret dungeons, Colonel Vega develops an electronic helmet that helps Asp to channel his telekinetic powers to a target and reverse the healing effects in order to kill the target. At the same time Alfred contacts Tim Drake back in Gotham City and learns the latest news of the city and its new Batman.

Some time after, secret service agents arrive at Monkleigh Hall to tell Asp that his file was stolen and demand a demonstration of the experiments Asp has been working on with the secret service's money. This is monitored closely by Bruce with the transmitter and by Hood with some binoculars, giving away that he has read the file he stole before he delivered it.

At the time of the Ball, Bruce arrives and starts looking for the secret entrance but with no luck. Asp is in the dungeon giving the demonstration he was requested. He and Shondra perform the healing act once more but this time Asp uses the helmet designed by Vega and focuses his mind towards the nearest village, killing everyone immediately. After finishing the demonstration he takes Shondra outside for a walk. Bruce sees the woman he loves and goes to talk to her but as he is disguised or she doesn't want to put in jeopardy Jack Drake's life; she denies knowing the man and asks to be left alone.

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  • This issue is part of the "Knightquest: The Search" crossover.
  • This issue is reprinted in Batman: Shadow of the Bat Vol. 2, Batman: Knightfall Omnibus Vol. 2 - Knightquest and Batman: Knightquest - The Search.
  • The conversation between Alfred and Robin also happens in Robin (Volume 2) #2; which is why it is safe to assume both stories happen simultaneously.


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