"Creatures of Clay: Diary of a Lover": Doctor Leslie Thompkins is counseling the orphaned kids that where in the bus that Abbatoir hijacked. She and Commissioner Gordon tried to get some information th

Quote1 It's over, Batman! Just relax as I squeeze the breath from your body--and let yourself die! Quote2
Lady Clay

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Synopsis for "Creatures of Clay: Diary of a Lover"

Doctor Leslie Thompkins is counseling the orphaned kids that where in the bus that Abbatoir hijacked. She and Commissioner Gordon tried to get some information that could help to capture the serial killer. Gordon left Dr. Thompkins with the kids and Graham Etchinson.

Batman was watching from the distance when he decides he can't spend a whole night looking for one murderer while there are several others around Gotham City. He saved one man from some thugs and as he was leaving a creature suddenly jumped over him and knocked him to the roof of a building. As they engage in combat, Batman wondered who was this creature. The creature looked like a gargoyle so Batman assumed it was The Gargoyle; but then the creature morphed revealing her true self, Lady Clay; which was possible since Lady Clay can adopt the form of anything she imagines. While fighting Batman, Lady Clay remembered the situation that have gotten her to do what she was doing. Her memories, displayed in a manner of a diary, showed her life with Clayface III and how they start a normal life outside of the city, near a forest and how the ailment of Clayface worsened. His pain would only stop by touching somebody and transmitting the contagion to that person and killing them in the process. One night, when the pain stopped they began the act of love and a few days later Lady Clay told Clayface they were to become parents.

Before she could recall the story to the present, Batman reacted and knocked Lady Clayface. Both of them fell from the rooftop they where at but Batman managed to grab a hold and Lady Shiva hit the pavement. At the same time, at the building where Dr. Thompkins, Graham Etchinson and the kids where, Clayface appeared and killed some cops and demanded that Graham come with him. Graham agreed and Clayface knocked him and left the building.

Batman reached the floor to watch the mass of clay on the street and just as he was leaving, a piece of clay grabbed his leg, then another grabbed his arms and body and after some struggle Batman was completely trapped in the grip of a giant clay snake.



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