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"The Battling Butler!": In the middle of Zero Hour, Batman and Robin arrest a man who doesn't understand why he's robbing himself.

Quote1.png I'm a butler -- yes, a butler! And by St. Harry, I'll become the best butler in the land! You'll be proud of me, Mawster Batman, you'll see! You can count on me, sir. I won't ever let you down! Quote2.png
Alfred Beagle

Batman: Shadow of the Bat #31 is an issue of the series Batman: Shadow of the Bat (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1994.

Synopsis for "The Battling Butler!"

In the middle of Zero Hour, Batman and Robin arrest a man who doesn't understand why he's robbing himself.

When they return to the Batcave, they meet Alfred Beagle, an alternate version of Alfred the butler. The new Alfred begins acting as their new butler.

Meanwhile, Batman and Robin track down a group of hypnotists who are hypnotizing criminals into giving them their loot. Although the Dynamic Duo defeat all of the hypnotized thugs, they are injected with the hypnotic serum themselves. Although the criminals intend to force Batman and Robin to jump off the top of the building, they are interrupted by Alfred, who had followed them, and inadvertently distracts them with his clumsiness long enough for Batman to shake the effects of the serum. Batman defeats the criminals and shakes Robin out of the effects of the serum.

As Alfred begins to disappear back to his own timeline, he bids the heroes farewell, and they swing off into the night.

Appearing in "The Battling Butler!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Andy Goodwin (Single appearance)
  • Biff Bannon (Single appearance)

Other Characters:





Alfred Beagle


  • The cover to this issue is deliberately stained and creased to give the impression that it was originally printed during the Golden Age era.

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