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"Bread and Circuses: Conclusion": Batman disrupts the combats organized by Penguin at the new Iceberg Lounge. Batman wants to make an impression in presence of all the low-lifes of Gotham City and that is the perfect occasion.

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Batman: Shadow of the Bat #85 is an issue of the series Batman: Shadow of the Bat (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 1999.

Synopsis for "Bread and Circuses: Conclusion"

Batman disrupts the combats organized by Penguin at the new Iceberg Lounge. Batman wants to make an impression in presence of all the low-lifes of Gotham City and that is the perfect occasion. Batman punches Penguin and breaks his nose. Then, Batman tells Penguin that he will be the one to take down his champion in exchange for the innocent people that Penguin is holding as prisoners. Penguin agrees but with the condition that Batman must take down not only Dozer but all of the Penguin's henchmen. Without many options left, Batman agrees. He manages to take Dozer down easily but that is just the first of many more fighters ready to fight him.

Meanwhile, the Gotham City Police Department receives news of something happening at the Xhosa and Wreckers territory and when they arrive at the scene they find most of the gangs beaten and killed. Most of the Blue Boys are shocked by the fact that the territory is tagged with their symbol by whoever did the massacre, but Commissioner Gordon knows too well who is responsible.

Batman is struggling with the Penguin's henchmen and he is taking them down one by one. The Penguin is pleased to see that Batman has become his newest attraction and decides to gain some profit out of it by making the people bet for a winner.

At the GCPD Headquarters, the remaining cops are happy to learn that most of the remaining gangs in Gotham are afraid of them after learning what happened to the Xhosa and Wreckers. The gangs want to negotiate with them about putting themselves under the GCPD protection. All the officers are happy but a letter for Gordon arrives telling him: Justice has been served. They were the first of many.

Penguin's plan backfires on him when he learns that all the bets were on Batman and he will lose everything if Batman beats all of his henchmen. Penguin stops the combats and tells the people that Batman has cheated as the combats are to death and he hasn't killed anyone. The crowd goes mad and wants to destroy Penguin before Batman can stop them. Batman tells them to stay put and the people do; and then he tells the Penguin that from that point on, Batman is in charge and that he must tell him every bit of information if he wants to continue running his Lounge. Penguin agrees and before he can put conditions to the agreement; Batman is gone.

Batgirl starts to worry about Batman when she sees all the people coming out of the Lounge but a few seconds later, Batman surprises her by appearing out of nowhere, in a better mood than before.

Appearing in "Bread and Circuses: Conclusion"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Penguin
    • Dozer
    • Leonard
    • Razor Eddie (Single appearance)
    • Eugene (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Xhosa (Apparent Death)
  • Wreckers (Apparent Death)






  • There is a screen monitor with Mac OS logo, but the name reads Matt OS.
  • There is a man wearing a Batman T-shirt among the Iceberg Lounge's crowd.

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